It’s Not A Goodbye But A See You Later

20160920_172951.jpgIf your heart’s not in it, you won’t committ to it. And if you’re not committed, it will show.

I’ve tried to keep up with this blogsite for months now. I would normally come up with an idea, write the damn blogpost only to find myself procrastinating. And by now, I’ve learned that procrastination is a form of not being fully committed to the thing you’re trying to accomplish. Because if something’s truly of importance; you’ll find the time, energy and resources to get it done. Alas, I’m not committed – at least not fully. Not at this point of my life.

I started this blog back in 2015. I was at low point in my life, attempting to beat depression and anxiety. I was desperate to be heard and wanted to convey my emotions to written words. So I started soul searching through writing and the journey of an unbroken spirit began.

I’ve learned and I’ve grown these past years. Truly, the pain I felt back then became my strength today.

Today’s pain is tomorrow’s strength. And today’s mistakes are tomorrow’s wisdom.

I’ve been going back and forth these past months but eventually landed on a decission; to let “aminaberg” go (I’ll eventually delete it, just not yet). It’s been an amazing journey. I hope I’ve inspired at least one person out there. You’ve all been amazing and for that thank you!

Why? I’m choosing to move on to new projects. I’m writing a book that I’m now comfortable writing. I’ve started a small business. I’m raising my three beautifull children. Basically, I’m evolving, learning and being Habby. I’m not afraid of being myself and I don’t hide in plain sight anymore. I’m in a good place whilst juggling life – the good and the bad. But mostly focusing on the good.

To all battling life out there:

You’re stronger, wiser and more capable than what you believe.
Hang in there, it gets better.

If you want to connect with me, see what I’m up to or curious to who I am – you’ll find me on Instagram: @_fearlesshabby_ – hope to see you there!

For now, this is not a goodbye but a see you later.


A.B. (Habby)




#LinkYourLife Challenge: Day 23 – Morning or night?



Day 23: Morning or night?

Perhaps a bit of both but one more than the other!

Morning, well because that is how society operates and order to fit in one has to adapt to its daily cycle. It’s just the way it is. You wake up in the morning and start your day (some earlier than others). And if you have kids, then you’re bound to have mornings to get them where they need to be during the day and if you’re lucky you will experience peaceful mornings where nothing goes wrong or messy. The way of modern society, I guess.

However, I’m no early bird. In fact, when it comes to my own sleeping patterns I’m not like the rest and it’s safe to say that I’m a ‘night owl’ – marching off to bed at sensible hours proves to be somewhat a difficult challenge, not until I changed work. And after working ‘daytime’ for several years it’s fair to say that working night shifts suits me pretty well in this particular time in my life.

While aware that being a night owl may not be a healthy habit to have in the long run, however, at night it’s when I feel more energetic, invigorated and creative. And as a writer when I get the most work done.

So in order to be a part of society I do mornings but for my own preference and creativity I embrace nigh time and balance the two. I wrote a blog post on being a night owl – do you agree with the signs?

Morning or night?