It’s Been Awhile & I Apologize

It’s funny how time passes by and just recently, I realized that it’s been awhile since I last updated my blog.

And for that I apologize!

So what have I been up to.

Well, the never-ending task of finding myself yet again, after baby number three.

Deciding on which path to take and which to turn my back on.

However, I’m embracing change. I’m putting myself out there. I’ve stopped hiding in plain sight.

Maternal leave came to an end and reality kicked in. Hence ‘finding myself‘… But I’m enjoying life, living and laughing.

In July I collaborated with Rachel Hanson and wrote a blog post for her on “having it all“. Check out the link below and her site for more interesting readings.

Having It All – A Modern Curse & Blessing

I’m not sure what the future holds, but I can say that writing and blogging will most likely be a part of my journey. Hopefully I can figure out a schedule that works for me in the fall and onwards.

In the meantime, I wish you all a wonderful summer!



#LinkYourLife Round-Up Challenge 18/11/2016

Welcome to this week’s #LinkYourLife RoundUp Challenge. Here’s last week’s round-up to find out more info about this challenge and also to read the awesome work from other writers that was shared. To be honest, I had completely forgotten about this challenge but I am excited and honored to be selected for this week’s round up. Because my health, energy level and mindset is elsewhere, I haven’t been able to blog as often. However, I couldn’t disappoint for this week’s challenge. Hopefully, I haven’t left out anyone and that all the links work. If you would like to know more about the #LinkYourLife movement to connect and share through several online connections, see Shawna Ayoub Ainslie’s post on how “We Are Better Together.

Now I present the following blog posts, essays and articles shared by writers from the #LinkYourLife community.

Linda Hobden @LindaHobden

Linda shares an interesting interview with Los Angeles based photographer Nina Junger. While I know little about photography, I recommend this post for I find that it’s always inspiring to read about people’s journeys on pursuing their dreams and/or career choices/paths. 

“My dream is to spend 2 years in Africa shooting tribes and animals. I’m very inspired by the rawness and openness of tribes and animals. I am drawn to that type of passion in my own photographs.” – An Interview with photographer Nina Junger

Shawna Ayoub Ainslie @shawnamawna

There is no doubt that the U.S. election has many people questioning the future and where humanity is heading. Many are afraid and from my point of view; with good reasons. However, what is even more heartbreaking in all of this, is the many children (mostly in the U.S.) living in fear of what is to come and the uncertainty in the aftermath.

Shawna shares a personal, heartbreaking and pragmatic post on the aftermath of the election, from a child’s perspective. This is truly an appropriate piece, in light of everything happening in the world right now, and as a woman of color with children of color I felt the many emotions in this piece;

“My tears came later, when my second son returned from school and told me how one of his classmates spent the day crying because he is afraid of being separated from his immigrant family. How devastating it is to live in a country full of humans who can so easily set your humanity aside based on your genetic or locational origin.”Examining the Election Aftermath from a Child of Color’s Perspective

Thomas Ives @BestowingFire

Thomas shares an encouraging post that challenges us to ask ourselves a legitimate question. A beautiful piece inspiring us to think what is important in life and what we wish to leave behind.

“Life is not about clothes, cars or money. It is also not about self-gratification, selfishness, or being self-absorbed. We tend to make life complicated when actually it is quite simple.” What will your legacy be remembered for?

Lidi Wilks @lidywilks

Lidy is away for NaNoWriMo 2016 (how I envy her but wish her good luck!).  Therefore, she shares a guest post by blogger Fanni Suto @Fanni_Pumpkin, who writes and shares her experience and journey with writing and NaNoWriMo.

“I rolled up my sleeves and accepted the challenge. If I want to have kick-ass characters who can battle the whole world and come over every conflict I send in their way, I should start with triumphing over myself.” November, Novels, No Sleep by Fanni Suto

Cheryl Oreglia @CherylOreglia

Cheryl shares a wonderful message inspired by historian Vincent Harding. A message on society and our the important work each individual must go through. She writes:

“Vincent Harding said, <<We don’t need to pull our children out of the darkness but allow them to remain and be a light post in the darkness…This is how we liberate our communities.>> Our children need to find their own disciplines in this world.” That Magnificent Madman Jesus

Rachel Ann Hanson @rahanson10

Rachel shares a short, yet sweet post and offers a parenting input on the innocence and honesty behind nakedness when raising her precious ones, and using skin-to-skin as a soothing element.

“Nakedness is comforting. When E got her two-month shots she cried and cried and cried. Nothing soothed her until we got skin-to-skin.” Comfort and Strength

Tessara Dudley @tdudleypdx

If you’re fearful or in shocked of today’s America. You’re not alone. Tessara shares a honest post on the harsh reality due to this year’s U.S. presidential election, in what that may seem like the end of the world for some. However, there is hope…

“My non-reaction has been confusing everyone around me. In a community turned upside down and storming with emotion, I am not… but I am determined. I understand your fear and anger, and I will hold space for you to grieve, and I will do the work of protecting and supporting and loving us, and I will try to mitigate the terrible impact of Trump’s presidency.”The World is Ending – But It Isn’t

Charli Mills @Charli_Mills

Charli shares a post consisting of short prompts (in 99 words) by various writers. The topic is fitting as for many perhaps the end is near?! The central point of the stories is an unexpected ending, fitting the chaos and recent events. She writes:

“It’s fitting that writers explored what the end means. While we might want satisfactory endings, the end can also surprise us or shake us. This week we explore the possibilities of the end we didn’t see coming.”Beyond The End


It’s a honor to be a part of #LinkYourLife with such amazing and inspiring souls and writers. Hopefully, you will all take the time to appreciate these wonderful writers and #LinkYourLifers.

Wish you all a happy Friday and a pleasant weekend!




When you’re unable to function the way you’re used to, is when you realize how fortunate you were to begin with. When you’re trapped in you’re own body and missery, is when hope slowly evaporates. You see no end to you’re missery and what feels like suffering.
You feel the essence of you slowly drifting away. You feel no joy but the regret of taking it all for granted.  Although you know relief is far yet prominent, you still find yourself drowning in despair. However, well aware, that in order to make it through the discomfort of your blessings you must persevere and stay hopeful. For there is no any other way but to take it all day by day. 


– A.B.- 

She Loves In Fear 

roseShe loves fearful of the pain she’s designed in her head. Afraid of his presence she takes the steps back, fleeing what could have been. 

She doesn’t see the beauty that surrounds her – inside and out. The world has made her blind to the colors of her heart. Made her hate the truth in the mirror. 

Her events consists of fighting her battles in the dark whilst pushing love aside. Alas, she loves in strenuous ways chasing wounded souls. She loves in mysterious ways, in the battlefield of broken hearts. But in fear she remains as her soul searches blind to give in; to his love and glory.



The Life of Mia – Flaky Heart

#20 – Previous parts in the serie can be found here. A weekly blog post where I share pieces of Mia’s story and journey (as I’m currently writing the novel!). 

They say the truth will set you free, but they leave out the part where it’ll first hurt and shatter everything. I rather hold on to the lie a little while longer, for ignorance is bliss.


Lying next to Nicholas is soothing with his arms wrapped around me. My scars are open and beyond description but his gentle care calms my woes. In a moment we’re whole in the depth of our affection, both in too deep. We’re in awe in the moment and it feels as if the world outside doesn’t exist. 

Lost in a fantacy, we’ve won the war of us against them. Victorious of the price of pleasure as well as serenity while he’s managed to conquer my flaky heart, now fearfully open.

Emotions are boiling but I don’t dare to ask the words I’m thinking, all in fear of the answer. But under an euphoric spell I ask, 

“Would you stay with me?” I’m not quite sure of what I’m asking, only knowing I wish for this day to not come to an end. 

“Yes,” he whispers as he lands a kiss on my forehead. 

“For how long?” 

My insecurities come back to life and diminishes the war we seem to have won. I feel a sudden forceful jolt, I assume it’s reality sending its regards and reminder; the world outside awaits. 

“As long as you want me to.”

There is silent but I don’t mind as I hold on and inspect his every word; as-long-as-you-want-me-to. 

“I wish you could stay forever.” 

I sense fear inviting me but sensibly, I’m able to ignore its regards. Still, not before remembering how we got here and the skeletons that awaits my ruination. 
“Then, Forever it is.” 
His words casts away signs of uncertainties. In recollection, he did once say he loved me but my flaky heart was not on the receiving end. Though, it never is. Sadly, what my heart is uniting against is uncertain even to the cold hearted. But if it’s love, I’m sure to fall flat on my face before I accept the lunacy that is me, in all flakiness. 


PS: I apologize if the format is weird or out of place, is just that I’m away this weekend and had to write and publish the whole post from my smartphone.

Happy Friday 💕 


Persistence, Motivation & Passion

“How do I do you do it?” I’m asked constantly these days, reffering to the responsibilities I have; some mandatory and some optional. I’m pretty sure there are some who think I’ve gone completely crazy.

Either way, I manage, cope and persevere by taking it all day by day. I’m not perfect. I’m not wired differently or maybe I am, one can never be too sure. But I get asked frequently how I manage to do it all and juggle everything I’ve put in my path. Trust me, I ask myself the same question everyday!

However, there is no doubt that behind every decisions I’ve made there have been doubts, tears, insecurities and judgement (mainly from my own mentality). Yet, behind all the negativities I would occasionally inject in my mind, there have also been signs of hope and faith in which I lean on to.

I don’t do it all then what’s necessarry!

To you, I may be courageous but from my point of view, it’s only a  normal procedure that goes with the task of living. I may not wear my fears boldly for the world to see, but my fears walk along side me as they remind me of what’s at stake as well as drive me forward. I don’t choose to be courageous, but I decide against letting fear tame me from the many possibilities.

For at the end of the day, you’ve only seen a tiny piece of the puzzle whilst I’ve been carving every piece behind all my failures, downswings and fears. There is always more to the story than what meets the eye.

But how do I do it, you ask? 

– Well, for starters, it helps being motivated and passionate about whatever you want to do! I lack that in previous paths and works.

I have an end goal, a passion and a dream along with numerous of responsibilities that drive me. Giving up or wasting time isn’t an option nor a luxery.

– By telling myself I’m creating the life I want for myself and my family. Visualizing my end goals!

By embracing the struggles , focusing on the good and welcome the ‘unknown’ with open arms.

lutherking-quoteBy trusting myself and believing that the choices I’ve made will eventually lead to something greater than myself. For everything happens for a reason, therefore, I’m on this journey for a purpose and meaning.

– By building the foundation for tomorrow’s achievements and successes. I have faith that things will fall into place even if today’s task seems impossible to the blind eye.

Although passion, motivation and persistence pay a big role, knowledge and the belief that I’m on my biggest adventure to my dreams is significant.


How do you do it all? What are you passionate about and what keeps you motivated?


Happy Wednesday!



The Life of Mia – Wounds of Comfort

Untitled drawing (4)

Pt. 17 – Previous parts in the serie can be found here.

A weekly blog serie where I share pieces of Mia’s stories and journey (as I’m currently writing the novel!)

Her wounds gave her too greater comfort for anything else. Although, I sat and watched over her as she slept, I suspected that shutting her eyes didn’t offer relief but imagery. The night was sedated, seconds felt as if we were stuck and time kept us waiting. I felt disquieted, there was no crisis but I was impatience to embrace the first light. But first, all I had to do was get us through the night.



All Is Not Lost



The idea is to share words written in the moment as I felt them, then or now. Share writings from my journals without any filter. Words I spent time writing to find whatever I was looking for or still looking for. In no particular order or category.

March 8, 2015:

It’s been three months since I was forced to navigate myself through darkness. I walk along side with my demons whilst bathing in self-doubt, fear and despair. Sleep is my escape. Food my prescription and abuse. All to not feel. Tears are my proof of pain as I release it all out. Despite every heavy moment, I redeem myself with positive reinforcement, my mind as my weapon. My heart as the source of all good and pure. Hope reinsures that all is not lost.


The Beauty of Stories & Storytelling

I have a story to tell and so have you.

Telling you what I had for breakfast is a story, however, a rather boring one I can assure you. What you choose to share about who you are is a story. Telling stories (true or fiction) is an important aspect of culture and human nature. We are storytellers and that is unlikely to change.

There are stories in people’s lives and in the evolution of things. There is a story behind everything and everyone that crosses our path. Whilst there is one or several stories imprinted within we also carry the curiosity to seek and the desire to share stories in any type of form, perhaps some more than others. As communicative beings, we seek connection and hence making storytelling a way of interacting with the outside world. We share compelling, true or even fictional stories and the stories we share connects us with one another. The beauty: stories connects us with life itself.

Stories have strength and power

Now speaking of stories in general, in my opinion a story can possess strength and power. It can touch us and move us as it evokes something within us. And depending on various elements, it can expand our horizon. Moreover, just as every human life is unique, a story becomes unique in its own way because of its narrator.

I enjoy a good story, either true or fictional, written or told. To me, stories mean challenging my imagination, emotions and even beliefs. It can connect or disconnect me to something or someone. And if ever captivated by a good story, it can awaken my senses, challenge my mindset and perhaps change me.

For instant, a story in a song may evoke a certain feeling or memory. A story in a movie or a book offers the opportunity to transport you to another world, challenge your senses and maybe inspire. A story told by a friend or a stranger may inform you thus offering knowledge or wisdom, it can strengthen a bound, open your heart or even break it. That’s the power it may possess when presented regardless of its intentions, meaning or purpose.

The beauty: A good story has the ability to stay with you and never end.

What does stories mean to you?

Stories mean to learn and explore. Within a story we learn the difference between a lie and a truth. And through stories we learn the endless lessons of life.

The beauty behind stories and storytelling is:

Human connection: communicating and connecting with one another.
Emotions: to grow, evolve and to FEEL.
Creativity: Feeding your imagination. Helping you form new ideas and images.
Knowledge and wisdom: to devolope the ability to understand the way of life and the world.

Stories are important as they teach us that life is not all black or white and that it contains many nuances. I have a story to tell and so have you, so let’s tell it!

Happy Wednesday!