You’ll Get There, Eventually

Forgive me for my absence. 

However, it has not been for no (good) reason. I write alot about life and once again life proves to be a funny thing full with surprises and lots of OMG moments.

Forrest Gump (or to be fair, his mother) said it so well : ”Life was like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

For the past nine months I’ve gone through a though (unexpected) pregnancy with depression as a companion. Four weeks ago, I gave birth to a beautifull baby girl. Scary enough, I’m now a mother of three and life as a mother (parent) is nothing but boring.

Although, I write this in a good state of mind with my baby asleep in my arms, I can’t promise that I’ll be able to be consistent with my blog. As much as I enjoy writing, it’s not always possible for me to find time, space and the conscious to wander off to writing mode.

I don’t stress though. I tell myself «You’ll get there eventually.» Destination unknown, nevertheless, to where I want or need to be.

Stay stunned for more… The journey continues!


– A.B. –

When You Realize You’re Responsible For Your Dreams

DreamsIn life only you can search and (hopefully) find what gives you meaning, happiness and purpose. And when you do, it’s basically all up to you. You can either aspire to become whatever it is that you desire or make no movement nor take action. It’s a choice rather than a predicament. For the truth is that you alone are responsible for your own life, happiness and achievements.

A dream remains just that, a dream if there is no aim to achieve it. With no plan nor action to drive you forward to your end goal, your life remains unchanged.

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The Beauty of Stories & Storytelling

I have a story to tell and so have you.

Telling you what I had for breakfast is a story, however, a rather boring one I can assure you. What you choose to share about who you are is a story. Telling stories (true or fiction) is an important aspect of culture and human nature. We are storytellers and that is unlikely to change.

There are stories in people’s lives and in the evolution of things. There is a story behind everything and everyone that crosses our path. Whilst there is one or several stories imprinted within we also carry the curiosity to seek and the desire to share stories in any type of form, perhaps some more than others. As communicative beings, we seek connection and hence making storytelling a way of interacting with the outside world. We share compelling, true or even fictional stories and the stories we share connects us with one another. The beauty: stories connects us with life itself.

Stories have strength and power

Now speaking of stories in general, in my opinion a story can possess strength and power. It can touch us and move us as it evokes something within us. And depending on various elements, it can expand our horizon. Moreover, just as every human life is unique, a story becomes unique in its own way because of its narrator.

I enjoy a good story, either true or fictional, written or told. To me, stories mean challenging my imagination, emotions and even beliefs. It can connect or disconnect me to something or someone. And if ever captivated by a good story, it can awaken my senses, challenge my mindset and perhaps change me.

For instant, a story in a song may evoke a certain feeling or memory. A story in a movie or a book offers the opportunity to transport you to another world, challenge your senses and maybe inspire. A story told by a friend or a stranger may inform you thus offering knowledge or wisdom, it can strengthen a bound, open your heart or even break it. That’s the power it may possess when presented regardless of its intentions, meaning or purpose.

The beauty: A good story has the ability to stay with you and never end.

What does stories mean to you?

Stories mean to learn and explore. Within a story we learn the difference between a lie and a truth. And through stories we learn the endless lessons of life.

The beauty behind stories and storytelling is:

Human connection: communicating and connecting with one another.
Emotions: to grow, evolve and to FEEL.
Creativity: Feeding your imagination. Helping you form new ideas and images.
Knowledge and wisdom: to devolope the ability to understand the way of life and the world.

Stories are important as they teach us that life is not all black or white and that it contains many nuances. I have a story to tell and so have you, so let’s tell it!

Happy Wednesday!


The Downsides of Blogging When You Aspire To Be a Novelist


So far I enjoy the blogging world I chose to join over a year ago. Alas, it hasn’t all been all fun and games. And inspiration doesn’t always come knocking. That’s when it all becomes a bit difficult and discouraging.

So when inspiration and defeat go hand in hand you’re forced to find a solution to the problem ASAP; for giving it all up isn’t exactly an option I’m willing surrender to.

However, along the road, blogging sometimes becomes yet another chore/task on the to-do list. For as much as I enjoy writing entirely my first love is writing fiction; creating new characters, storyline and falling in love with my characters (mostly the male characters). Bassically, transporting myself to a new world and let my imagination run wild.

You have to be able to juggle the two.

I find that juggling both fiction writing and blogging has become hard (especially when being a professional procrastinator, I tend postpone things to the last minute. I’ve so far managed to meet my blog-deadlines but it’s at a cost for my fiction writing. I lack structure and perhaps discipline, I’m full aware and working on it.

The pressure to (always) be creative.

You have to create something new, captivating and creative for a new blog post, and if I feel defeated and there is no inspiration insight, then I’m doomed. Plus it all becomes extra work!

The presure (mainly from yourself) to do better

The presure of maintaining/reaching a good ‘statistic’ on blog. The constant need for validation that what I’ve put out is good enough, likeable and acceptable. And that I’ve manage to increase the amount of visitors to my blog.

Interacting with other bloggers becomes a burden. 

The importance of engaging with others in order to grow, learn and evolve as a blogger. However, when writing fiction (especially as a newbie) you’re in your own bubble. Learning by doing, searching and reading. There is no presure of interacting with other until perhaps later on.


Truthly, blogging distracts me from other writing comittments. While Im aware it’s not all entirely ‘blogging’ fault rahter than my lack of structure and discipline. Like I said, I’m working on it – full change takes time!

Now that I’ve bashed ‘blogging’, let me give it a bit of a boost. Blogging keeps me writing, it has taught me to be consistent. I know I could stop at any given time but I’m in too deep and I love it! And like everything else, there is an upside and downside. I may not have a clear plan to where I’m going with my blog but I know why I do it. And for now, it’s enough to keep me going to #WriteShareConnect.

And I hope you’ll continue the journey with me.

Happy Wednesday.




#LinkYourLife Challenge: Day 11 – ‘Dear Blogger’

thankyouDay 11: Write a letter to a favorite blogger letting them know  why they are important to you.

I don’t have a favorite blogger as my taste in blogs/bloggers varies in different topics, styles and creativity. However, I have a handful of bloggers I enjoy reading and re-visiting. For I will be the first to admit that I could do better when it comes to searching/exploring more of the blogosphere. At times, I find it to be enough with those I’ve already discovered and come to know but I’m of course open to new minds and creative souls (if I can just make the time to search for them).

So, I guess this post or letter if you will, is to all bloggers I know, I’ve reached out to and enjoy reading/exploring. This one’s for you!

Dear Blogger,

Thank you for your creativity. Thank you for your playfulness with words. Thank you for your writings which at times manages to make me laugh, shed a tear, think, feel or even challenge my set of beliefs and opinions. Thank you for having the courage to put yourself “out there” and sharing your thoughts, ideas and creativity.

For these are the reasons why I’m drawn to you. And I’m drawn to you for your words that sometime give meaning, lessons, clarity and inspiration.

I must at times remind myself to not be envious of you but proud and grateful that such creative soul exist and aspires to share, engage, connect and inspire.

You are important to me because you inspire me. Furthermore, you teach me; either be on life (of its struggles and enjoyment), on writing which can be a strenuous journey for any writer or even blogging which hopefully I’ve managed to pick up a lesson or two on.

I may not always leave visible signs in your direction (I’m working on it!) but I assure you I support and appreciate your work. Moreover, I encourage you to keep writing and sharing. For in a world where blogging seem to be a common thing to do, what makes you unique is your voice. Express it!



If you are curious to what kind of blogs/bloggers I follow explore the list (‘Explore Creative Souls’) on the sidebar of my blog. Thank you for taking the time to read today’s blog post. And have a nice day!



When a Character Speaks To You

A blog post inspired by BlondWriteMore’s blog post “When You Let Your Characters Talk To You”. I encourage you all to visit her site as it contains great and funny insights on writing. After reading her thoughts on the topic, I scribbled down some notes but never managed to finish what I had started.


Often my ideas for a new story comes from a character I’ve created in my head. And for the past three months I’ve had a character dominate my writing journey and basically my life. This character has transported me in her/his world and not necessarily by choice but I’m voluntarily going along for the ride.

As a writer, you search ways to find new ideas, storyline and plots that will drive your story forward and hopefully captivate readers. But if one is curious, open to certain input and pay close attention to the life/people surrounding us all, ideas can be found all around. Of course, good and/or bad.

But there will come a time when a character will speak to you, the writer and tell its story while you eagerly pay attention and write it all down to see where it will all lead to. This can sound insane and perhaps worrisome to non-writers as some can’t exactly wrap their mind around the idea of a fictitious character speaking to you.

However, when or if it happens be prepare for the following and most likely more…

losing control over your story. Because the story you first had in mind or perhaps started writing is altered by your character’s voice, behaviour and sense of direction. Your character is now in charge of the outcome, you’re just a spectator making sure his/her story is told. Well, hopefully one doesn’t completely give all control but in a breaf moment or several, it does happen.

Being trapped in your character’s emotional roller coaster. Their sentiment and mood swings become your own as you write your way through their ups and downs.

different outcome. Be prepare for the possibility that the story will take an unlikely direction. Either for the better or worse. I’ve experienced at times that the storyline I had spent hours writing doesn’t exactly correspond with what I’m actually writing thus asking myself how it happened.

you’re ruled by your character. Everything becomes about your character in both fiction world and real life. Those around you start to show signs of resignation and you start to notice that they pretty much don’t understand what you’re conveying and that they’ve pretty much lost interests.

inspired to write more, motivated to get the story down. I guess, this is the best part. You spend hours writing for you’re attached to you character like glue and very much connected which makes the writing process much lighter and at times more enjoyable.

Happy Wednesday.


Why Reaching Out to Fellow Writers & Bloggers Is Terrifying

reaching out to writers

Writers share a part of themselves with every work/writing they put out there for the world to see. As a blogger you (choose) to put yourself in public display for scrutiny, opinions and judgements. You are basically putting yourself “out there”.

Blogging about my journey and experiences was scary and still is at times. However, I enjoy the journey and the process of blogging if you will. And there is no doubt that I’ve learned a lot along the way. One lesson in particular that’s stuck with me is the importance of of reaching out to other writers and/or bloggers. The importance of building a network/community. Interaction and socializing.


In my professional work (the job that pays the bills), I’m forced to interact with strangers all the time. Making contact here and there for those I’m supposed to help. A phone call here. A meeting with a group of strangers there. Even giving a professional testimony in court. Therefor, I’m no stranger of putting myself ‘out there’ per say. And I’ve been able to manage it all so far, as scary it can be in certain situations. But still, this feels different!

I’m good at a lot of things – however, ‘reaching out’ is not one of them. But why, I’ve wondered.

I guess, for the reason behind anything that terrifies us –  four letter word. F.E.A.R. and of course, our insecurities. Although, they seem to be usually based on fear.

I’ve written and shared the signs of an introvert. I view myself as an introvert with the ability to socialize when absolutely necessary. But don’t get me wrong, I love people – just not all kinds. I believe that chemistry is important – it’s either present or not at all. You be the judge!

If not, no use of forcing it. I see the importance of interacting with living humans every once in awhile. Being a writer/aspiring author can be a lonely road, so I understand the reasons and importance behind reaching out and being a part of a ‘community’ even if it consists of one or two persons. Baby steps!

So, why is reaching out to fellow bloggers & writers terrifying?

It’s all based on fear! Almost everything we do or not do is based on emotions – fear being a prominent state of mind behind various actions that scares or intimidates us.

But then, one will need to ask, ‘fear of what?’… Well, for me it’s been the following:

Fear of rejection! Who loves rejection?! No one! And if you do, I’m sorry but there is something wrong here. Most human beings (myself included) seek validation and acceptance, reaching out means risking being rejected flat on your behind. Which can hurt, disappoint and perhaps break a tiny part of your spirit. Then, remind me why reaching out is not a big deal? And why I should put myself out there?

Not knowing what to say! Makin small talk and being witty is not a strong side. I’ve several times found myself staring blank at the keyboard not exactly sure of what letters to press to articulate a sensible word, yet alone a whole sentence. Silly, I know but that’s how this mind operates at times.

It’s all fear and insecurities. The fear of saying something completely stupid and sounding like a complete moron. The fear of not being good enough!

Their perspective on being approached. Is my reaching out a positive event or something they would like to pretend never happened. That’s the question!

First. Impression. Is. Everything. Probably made up by a non-introvert. However, the pressure is real! Making the first step even harder.

The awkwardness. What if you take the plunge and there is an awkwardness of no reply/contact. Ever experienced being in a moment of awkward silence?! Well, the virtual awkward silence exists.

It’s fair to say that I get a bit star struck at times. Especially if it’s a writer or blogger I admire and enjoy. However, there is an upside to this predicament.

The fact that it’s not the end of the world if all goes wrong. Or the fact that I’m able to ‘hide’ behind my computer and written words in the comfort of my writing spot, with a cup of tea (and/or perhaps some cake!).

Nevertheless, when putting fear aside and actually reaching out it’s truly an amazing (at times even inspiring) experience which I advise fellow bloggers and writers to make time for.

If there is anything I’ve learned so far is that building a blog takes a village and time. Reaching out is scary, I can vouch for that but it’s worth the effort. So if you are serious about what you are doing; then dive in what scares you the most, the sense of achievement is priceless!


Happy Writing/Blogging! Happy Wednesday!



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8 Reasons Why Writing Feels Like Raising A Child

writing-childThere is an upside and downside to everything we choose to do, pursue or accomplish. Behind every choice we make, there is a good and a bad side. And for some weird and probably scientific reasons our mind tends to focus all too much on the bad whilst forgetting the good. However, in life, the sunny side of all good has a tendency to shine brighter even if we’re too blind to see the light.

Writing for me is of course a choice. When I am actually writing (read: without any struggle, sweat or tears!), I enjoy every moment of it. I guess, one could say I enjoy every moment of writing but not every aspect of writing.  Regardless, not writing is not even an option. And the struggles are often temporary. 

In for better and worse and as I continue to struggle and at times thrive, I’m starting to realize that writing feels a lot like raising a child – an extra family member which in a sense would make me a mother of three. And like having/raising a child, writing is full of joy and memorable moments but also moments I would like to pretend don’t exist.

1. You have to feed it by constantly writing, reading and feeding your creativity. You have to feed it ideas, lessons, tips and so on. It’s a never-ending process which you mostly learn by doing.


“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others;
read a lot and write a lot.”

– Stephen King


2. Just like you have to feed it, you also have to give it some t.l.c. (tender, love & care). Writing requires some attention and your time. You’ll have to put in a lot of hours – find or make the time to sit down and write. There is no way around it all!

3. A Time out – most of the time it’s for your own good and benefit.  And who needs it the most. When nothing seems to be working and worlds and opinions collide it’s time for a break to cool off, gather your thoughts and get back to work (also make up). One cannot simply quit being a parent at the first time of struggle or difficulties, the same goes with writing (if you’re serious about it!).

4. Writing is your pride and joy. There will come a day when you think you’ve written a masterpiece. How can anybody not agree with you?

5. The pain, the struggle. Who said giving birth was an easy task? Who said writing was going to be a walk in the park? Not a damn soul…


“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

– Ernest Hemingway


6. The sleepless nights. Don’t get me started…the voices, ideas, thoughts or characters that most times come at late hours and won’t let you go to sleep.

7. The worries and self doubt is constant, it’s always there lurking around. Am I good enough? Am I doing it right? What will others say or think?  It’s endless… 

8. Playdates. The occasion mandatory interaction with others (writers). Although, writing requires some alone time – to think and create, socializing can sometime be a necessity for the mind and soul. It’s an opportunity to get out of your bubble once in awhile and actually talk to (living) humans.


“What one writer can make in the solitude of one room is
something no power can easily destroy”

– Salman Rushdie

Go ahead and write but don’t forget to have fun. Happy Wednesday!



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Blog Anniversary – Let’s Connect!



Joing the blogfest – TODAY! And let’s connect! 

I wrote the idea behind this celebration of the one year anniversary of this blog on Wednesday’s blogpost – Blog Anniversary – It’s All About You.

In need of a reminder? Don’t worry, I’ll explain the simplicity of it all:

First, if you’re only here for virtual cake and drinks, then knock yourself out…literally!
Plenty to go around…. Cheers! My thanks to you for showing up!

If you’re also here for some bounding then…

All you have to do is share either a recent blogpost you’ve written or your entire blogsite on the comment section below. Give a short description! Now why, you ask? Because you can share your work and I (and maybe others) can discover more of the blogosphere. A win-win deal, right?

Enough said…

– now scroll down – Write*Share*Connect –



– A.B. –

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Blog Anniversary – It’s All About You

newsiteJoin the blogfest on February 26, 2016. Let’s connect – there’ll be virtual drinks (and cake!) all around (will you come then?!). No small talk is required – just fun reads and hopefully new discoveries. This week I’m celebrating the one year anniversary of It all feels like it was yesterday. Nevertheless, the journey continues.

Thank you for being a part of the journey! Your likes, comments and visits are highly appreciated.

For me, blogging is all about sharing and connecting. Sharing thoughts and ideas along with connecting with readers and other bloggers. And with that in mind, I decided that I wanted to connect (more!) and/or reconnect with old ones.

Time runs its course and one does not always have the time to connect as much as one would want to. I’ll try harder, I promise!

However, I said ‘it’s all about you’ and I meant it. Which means exactly that: you and your blog/writing/page ect.

All you have to do is “show up” on Friday and share either a recent blogpost or your entire blogsite on the comment section below (on Friday’s post). Give a short description of what it’s about.

Now, that doesn’t sound so hard, right? I’ll be spending my day-off on Friday writing and moving around in the blogosphere, perhaps connecting with Y-O-U?

See you Friday!