10 Inspirational Quotes To Kickstart The Month of August

A new day, a new week and a new MONTH is upon us and here in Norway it’s starting to feel like summer has already left and all there is to do is welcome the new season. There is no doubt that time flies!

I guess that’s the journey and changes we face through the seasons. The sunny and rainy days, warm and cold days, colorful and gloomy days. We are faced with different challenges – big or small. But we cannot get discouraged by it all for life goes on and we have to somehow find the strength, will or whatever to go along with it and LIVE.

I thought it was time for a blog post with a list of inspirational quotes. Since my last one ‘Inspirational Writing Quotes‘. Here are ten quotes to inspire you to march on, to live and conquer whatever aspirations, dreams, obstacle or goals!





Dreams (1)





Whatever you set your mind to – go get it. Like I said we are faced with different challenges in life but to every challenge there is a solution. The first step is to not be afraid to dream. Believe you are capabable  and that what ‘seems impossible’ is actually possible. 

Dream – Believe – Achieve

Tell me do you have a favorite inspiring quote? Please share it in the comment section. 

Happy Monday. Happy Week. Happy New Month!


Reaching For Greatness



In a moment of truth you have to ask yourself some important questions to figure out your next move. Who are you? Who do you aspire to be?

What’s the story that’s holding you back? The story you tell yourself and that keeps blocking you from moving forward.

Also, the whys are just as important if not more. If you have a why, you can tolerate all the how and push through.

Let’s see past the success stories, the ‘how-to’ manuals and ingredients of how you will succeed in this or that. Put all expectations aside. For in truth, no one can tell you or give you a manual on how to be you and how you will make it, with your uniqueness, experiences, failures and perhaps shortcomings.

You can of course be open to inspiration, motivation as well as advice and let it all in. For in a way, that’s what success stories, ideas tend to serve. Namely, inspire and motivate. They give you a sense of direction, method and ideas.

However, what I’ve personally learned is that most stories, manuals and such lack a big element – one crucial ingredient – you. They don’t take in consideration of who you are as an individual, existing circumstances and life experiences.

We are our own enemy

The worst kind too. Many of us tend to prevent ourselves by creating obstacles, spend (waste) time on insignificant factors. We dwell on everything that may or may not occur thus letting fear tame us, rather than drive us. Making excuses after excuses – I don’t have A to reach Z. Forgetting all the steps in between. As the excuses keep pouring, unconsciously we seemingly deny ourselves the success that’s within our reach, simply by telling ourselves we are not capable or worthy of what it is we’re trying to achieve.

One of the excuses I’ve misused all too often, it’s the infamous “I don’t have time to…”, especially when it comes to writing. Forgetting that I quit two jobs for a job that pays slightly less but offers nothing but time. My excuses are usually based on fear.

Setting the bar too high…

…to a point that it puts the fear in us. Many times, I’ve had to ask myself what I’m doing to reach whatever goal I’ve set for myself, only to discover that the goals in hand are too unrealistic for myself. Furthermore, I’ve noticed that I’m doing something but a complete detour that sets me back. Even worse is when I aim to do one certain thing but find myself doing another, unrelated course. Already there I’ve set myself to fail. Discovering that I’ve set the bar too high, so high that it’s out of my reach or that the height scares the sh*t out of me.

On the journey to reaching for greatness, no matter what it may be for each one of us, what truly matters is who we are, our potentials and our own abilities.

I used to take all stories, manuals along with ingredients to success/achievements and convey them as an absolute truth for my own journey. However, forgetting that all paths are different as are all humans. We all have a starting point and other stories should merely serve as fuel to a well functioning engine. Other people’s achievements shouldn’t define our own success and what we are each capable of. For in moment of truth, we are all capable. Making all things possible.

When reaching for greatness:

– know who you are. Also, know your why.

– be true to yourself. 

– believe you are capable.

– admit your shortcomings and failures.


– have a realistic but positive view on things. Don’t let your dream mess it up for you by letting it scare you. And it might if you have set the bar too high.


Happy Wednesday

When Inspiration & Defeat Go Hand in Hand


Lately, I’ve been feeling inspired and defeated by everything. They both seem to be present together! Many times I will find myself inspired only to be defeated by own thoughts and ideas. Alas discouragement comes knocking eventually! You go through a high and a low. At first you don’t notice the change but it is there. I’ve lost count of how many unfinished ideas I have in stock.

It´s a tough battle and a major rollercoaster ride that’s bound to leave you exhausted. In inspirational moments you have clarity, optimism and the feeling that you can conquer anything thrown your way. You have an “everything-is going-to-be-alright” outlook on life. You’re more than convinced that your moment is coming and even so, more patient – time is not the enemy. You feel inspired, you’re at ease and even satisfied with current bad situations/moments. Words come easy even. Life is great!

But then comes defeat rather too quickly. Your head is full of bad thoughts and you’ve failed before you’ve even started anything. Everything seems pointless and meaningless to even explore.

Looking at your blog stats is no help either (which is another story). You look at the calendar and realize you have to “cook” up something to post but the words don’t seem to be flowing no matter how hard you try. You force but it only makes matter worse!
And desperation quicks in

All this is not the first time and will probably not be the last neither. It’s a part of life, I know that. I guess the important part is bouncing back from the bad and being able to focus on the good side of things – I mean, at least I have moments of inspiration, right? The thing is to hold on to it all.

The human mind and spirit can be quite amusing at times. I sometime wonder how we’ve managed to survive for so long with our highs and lows.

But what I’ve been doing lately to separate inspiration and defeat from one another is by doing small things while trying to knock out fear, defeat and discouragement:

Music – my antidote to everything and source of inspiration! I dance my sorrow away like it’s nobody’s business (and when nobody’s watching!). I Walk. Run. For the last two months I’ve discovered the benefits of running; blow out some steam and fill my lungs with fresh air! And if inspiration won’t come to me, I seek it either be from friends, family members, fellow bloggers, social media and the world wide web. I also seek new impulses, new experiences is always healthy. Be more curious!

I write. That’s no surprise. Bad stories, good stories – who cares as long as I’m writing, as it offers calmness and clarity. I put my feelings into words. You should try it; express yourself on paper!

I read. It inspires the brain and my outlook on life. Reading fiction can offer a moment of release from my emotions and into someone else’s problem/conflict. An opportunity to escape. I watch a movie. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter. Just like reading it gives me an escape.

And if nothing works – I hang on tight and take it all day by day. For it´s all temporary!
Right?! *sighs*

What do you do to shake yourself out of a bad periode?

Happy Wednesday


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There Are Good Days & Bad Days



Occasionally there will come bad days as well as good days. Moreover, depending on who you are, you’ll handle your “business” and the situation the way it fits you. You’ll go through various emotions, mind-sets and thoughts depending on the matter in hand.

Depression is something that’s always going to be a part of me and my journey in life. At times, I am able to drag it with me, like a badge of honor and there are times I just surrender and cave in. I’ve accepted the fact even if it took some strenuous steps to get so far.

–> 6 Life Lessons Depression Has Taught Me

You know the saying…

“The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.”

The quote is supposed to inspire or motivate in some way. And in a sense it does – depending on the bad day, the person experiencing it and the cause of ones bad day. I will admit that at times all it takes is a little attitude adjustment.

However, the course of life with the ups and downs is very much a part of life. I would love to meet a living human being who’s never experienced a bad day.

Going through our downs we seek to understand. We seek reasons or explanation for every lows and rock bottoms.

Over the years, I’ve become a pro at diagnosing my bad days and seek for any (comforting/acceptable) explanations.

The first round I go through consists of finding the reasons and cause of my bad day/mood. That’s when the elimination game begins.

For physical reasons, time may hold the answers.

I check the calendar for it offers some obvious reasons, such as a hormonal one. If that’s the case, I prepare my husband for a stormy atmosphere and stack up all emergency kit, comfort food included. Next I check the time – when were the last time I ate. I get cranky and moody when I’m hungry which results in me having a bad. Then food is the answer.

Then there are those bad days an attitude adjustment won’t do – that means I’m in too deep. Basically, I’m in an emotional roller coaster – the disaster kind.

– Everything seems pointless/meaningless.

– The-end-of-the-world outlook on life.

– The blame game.

–> Why Keep Up The Fight?

The good days reminds us that life is not all bad. The bad days teaches us to fight and through our struggles we have to make the best of it all.

I’ve learned to:

– Accept the situation for what it is. Accept what you’re feeling and the reality of it. Don’t undermined yourself and your emotions.

– Feel it! Don’t be afraid to feel your emotions. Don’t put a lock on it – feel it. Feeling it all shows you’re alive, no matter how painful it might be.

– Understand what you’re feeling and going through. If you can’t understand it, find someone who will. Reach out!

– Express it. Don’t keep it all bottled up. Put it to words – be it written and/or spoken words. Express yourself!

– Appreciate the good moments. Life does not only consist of days. We also have moments and it’s easy to lose track of those good/positive moments. A simple hello from a stranger. A moment when someone made you laugh. A nice gesture from a love one.

There are good days and there are bad days – we learn, grow and evolve from it all.
Embrace the good but learn from the bad. Fight through, shine through – day by day.



How To Succeed In 2016


Difficulties come and go – it’s the way of life. However, I can’t deny the fact that I’m in a good place and I can’t complain (well, that too, is inevitable).

I’m going through some changes in my life; health, lifestyle and career. Mind you all in a positive direction. Looking back, there is no doubt that I’ve changed as a person, woman, mother and wife. I’ve come a long way from where I was a year ago. I guess I can say that I’m grateful for my difficulties, stress and turmoil. Why? For the reason that they’ve forced and opened my eyes to react. I’m now in a place where I know what I want and what I don’t want. A great starting point, don’t you think?!

So how am I going to succeed in 2016?! Well, here is what I’ve learned and experienced:

Know what you want. It’s pretty obvious; if you’re going to chase something, know what it is exactly you’re chasing. Right?

Have a vision. Now you know what you want, now visualize it – in every possibleangle. Basically see it in your mind/thoughts. This one, is pretty fun and has a motivational effect. Tip: Vision board. (I have a mental board which works too).

To a dreamer imagination is infinite.

– Make a plan.
A list even. What needs to be done and how? Do you have what it takes? Do you have the right tools to succeed? Break it all down.

– Create big and small goals –for progress and motivation. Your goals will help you stay on track. Remember, keep them realistic but optimistic.

– Stay positive. Do not underestimate the power of positive thinking. You become your thoughts, therefore, keep them clean and positive.

– Believe in yourself. Isn’t this pretty obvious? But it’s crucial. This along with staying positive can make wonders.

Motivation lies in believing in your own abilities and the task in hand.

– Failure is inevitable.
Keep it in mind – don’t obsess over it though. However, it will come and you’ll be surprised every time. But when it does (when you fail), pick yourself up and start again – this time one lesson/experience richer. At least you know what’s not working?!

– Live! Yeah, I know – how cliché. But it’s essential. Live in the moment. Live with love. Live in gratitude. Live it up!



The journey still continues… Thank you for being a part of it!


A New Year – New Beginnings

Virtual champagne and drinks all around!! Raise your glass for the new year.

A time when we seek new beginnings. Not necessarily wishing to erase what has been but a time most of us learn from our mistakes as well as our failures. Whilst hoping not to make them again! With new year we take a look back and evaluate. We set new goals and dreams. It’s a time when hope is like a burning torch that we hold on to – hopefully through out the year.

And now…

Happy New Year


With lots of love,


Weekend Inspiration: Change Is Inevitable


“Change is evidence of involvement and evolvement.”
– Amina B.

Untitled drawing (1)

As I sit in an unfamiliar apartment in the city of Oslo on my vacation with my oldest, the notion of change and the need of new challenges can no longer be left buried. This week’s inspiration is more of a reminder and a boost for myself in order to move on to the next level despite doubts, fear and insecurities. Once again, I remind myself that change is inevitable (and at times a good thing!).

It’s friday and today’s weekend inspiration post I mark as my last one. For the time being, it will be the last time I dedicate my fridays to the obvious tradition. However, I can assure you that inspiration can still be found in many of my writings.

To write and experience more of the craft, I say hello to a new beginning…

The week to come will be dedicated to “Unbroken Spirits”. I will challenge myself on writing more short stories and prose. I will try to check fears and insecurities out the door.

Unbroken Spirits will be stories (fiction/non-fiction) I have inside me that needs to be told. Some of the stories are based or inspired by actual events but altered for the purpose of drama, suspense and other elements.

Stay tuned…

With that said, let me state the obvious once again – it’s FRIDAY! Happy friday to you all. I wish everyone a pleasant and warm weekend (as it happens to be a cold and windy autumn on Norwegian soil these days).

With l-o-v-e;