Whithin An Instant Moment


I’ve been gone for a while. But still, behind closed doors I’ve been writing, soul searching and living life as it was meant for me, for now. I carry with me new words, new experiences and new life lessons.

He will not cure me.

But for a moment, in his arms I felt love. Hope.
An antidote for my aching heart and broken spirit.

“It’s all going to be alright,” he whispered..

Simple words; in which I knew to be true. Somehow. Not because of him, nor rescued by him. My will was more persistent than any cure. At best, his love and words were a helping hand through it all.


With love,

– A.B. –

My Silence 

​As I hear the sound of speach

I feel beyond words

I hear beyond stillness

Silent serves my mind

I think before I speak 

I study the waves of silence 

For my heart seeks solitude

Emotions are neither right or wrong 

A well thought reason is valuable

My silence is my expression