A New Chapter & It’s All About What Matters

brightfutureFirst of all, I want to wish you all a happy new year. Time travels fast, I can’t believe it’s 2017!

The holiday for me has been about appreciating what I have whilst taking it all one day at a time. Although I’m still coping with certain challenges and emotions that needs to be sorted out, I’m also aware of what’s important and what isn’t.

I realize it’s been a while I’ve posted anything. Life happened as it always does near the end of 2016 and in an instant moment we were forced to embrace change and prepare ourselves for any ups and downs. Fortunately, someone close encouraged me to rekindle the fire and put pen to paper again. Therefore, I’ll be taking baby steps back in my writing bubble and do my best to post frequently.

Nevertheless, as much as I love and enjoy the art of writing, I know that I must not force it for the sake of likes and popularity. I must have something to say (to write), which I have but from experience the words come out when they are ready to come out.

I will eventually put to words what I’ve been through these past months – the bad side of it but also the joyful parts. Still, the journey still continues alongside everything else but I’m optimistic despite the ups and downs of life.

I prepared for a new chapter filled with gratitude for what has been and for what is. Now, I start a new chapter whilst acknowledging what matters in my life. I choose to work towards enjoyment, love, happiness and creating new memories. I discard what doesn’t serve any purpose, although I believe that no experience or acquaintance are wasted.

The new year will probably hold a few surprises here and there but hopefully most of them are good ones.

It’s a new and exciting chapter and it’s all about what matters in my life. Furthermore, I’m looking forward to share with you more of this journey so called life – past, present and furture!





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