I’m Not Perfect But Good Enough

Also in other words; “you can do it all, just not all at once.” No matter the phrase, I’m slowly understanding the meaning of both expression. For where I am in my life right now puts everything into perspective. Certain times and events in life opens and closes doors but unless you’ve sealed an entrance for any experience and aspiration, a possibilities still stands.

Admitting you can not do everything does not necessarily mean that you are not good enough but instead it expresses who you are as an individual. Also, admitting a fault takes strength and self-awareness to come to terms with your capabilities and abilities.

A new path presents itself in which I must explore, experience and live out furthermore. For that’s what you do when when life changes the course for you and leads you to a journey unclear and certainly not planned. Right?!

And, if faced with too much on your plate (like I have lately); it’s time to make a choice. Time to ask yourself the important questions.

In stressful times, my mantra used to be: ‘I can’t do it all.’ My first reaction would normally be an automatic negative response, which in my mind confirmed that I was a failure. ‘I’m not good enough!’

As women, some of us, have the notion that we have to be perfect and handle everything. Keep up with appearance and “competition”. I’m still not sure what kind of competition it is, when did I enter and where the hell the finish line is.

Now, I don’t contemplate defeat, I accept that I can’t do it all and have it all – at the same time. I accept that I’m not perfect but absolutely good enough.

Sensibility is hard to find sometime! But when it’s present I ask myself; what’s the worst thing that can happen if for example the house is a mess for a day or three? Or if I don’t get to post on my the way I used to? Well, nothing. Yeah, ok, my statistic will suffer but I will still remain in tact.

My aim should not be to please nor handle everything I think the world expects of me but be able to do what I’m able within reason capabilities and abilities. For I am who I am and that’s more than enough for today – tomorrow’s another different story.


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