The Life of Mia – A Famliar Face

Untitled drawing (4)

#22 – Previous parts in the serie can be found here. A weekly blog post where I share pieces of Mia’s story and journey (as I’m currently writing the novel!). 

They say the truth will set you free, but they leave out the part where it’ll first hurt and shatter everything. I rather hold on to the lie a little while longer, for ignorance is bliss.


I need to point out, professionalism aside, it should be illegal for me to break bad news to people. Understandably, I end up choking on my words, like in this very moment. But in all honesty, I wish to slap her! One, for suggesting such idiotic idea – it would give me such pleasure as I’ve always wanted to unleash something on her, anything just to get her of my back. Two, for not even showing any kind of care and respect for the whole situation. But at 3 am and with everything going on, I simply don’t possess any ounce of stamina, capability to breath regularly or yet alone keep my balance. Trying to understand how she could suggest such lunacy is beyond what I can wrap my head around.

“I mean, since you know more about the whole situation!” she says with her phone still attached to her ear. Whilst holding the spirit and attitude of any typical mean girl (which does not suit a supposedly grown woman).

“I…” my attempt to say anything fails, my brain’s not even able to think straight. How can she even ask me. I desperately try to think of something that can get her of my case, for now. Sadly, I fail at that too. The desire to unleash my frustration lingers on, though.

“It’s not her responsibility to do your job, Sara. ” 

The sudden sound of his voice behind me startles her. As for me, a sense of relief runs through my limbs and surprisingly, I notice my shoulders unknot and for what seems like a very long time without air, I can now breath again.

“Beside, I’m sure you’re more than capable to inform Emma’s father,” he frowns at her suggestion and the look on his face is serious and unrelenting. A new side of him I’ve yet witness, at work or private.

“You’re right, Nicholas. I’ll get to it!” she blurts out. And just like that the mean girl persona vanishes as she peels off back upstairs and disappears in the background. 

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Linda” she says returning to the poor individual on the other line, and just like that as if she did or said nothing wrong.

He turns his face to me, and at one sight I notice his familiar smile which transforms his stern face and in an instant moment he’s the Nicholas I’ve come to know.

“Are you ok?” he asks, and in this moment, in his present there is hope, a familiar face to lean on and a closeness to give solace to my inconsolable heart. And with his hand on my, an instant touch, reality silently retreats as we stand against a background of sheltering chaos. But Emma still battles and the clock ticks as they now rush her to the hospital.

“Oh, God, I can’t go through it again…” 



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