Persistence, Motivation & Passion

“How do I do you do it?” I’m asked constantly these days, reffering to the responsibilities I have; some mandatory and some optional. I’m pretty sure there are some who think I’ve gone completely crazy.

Either way, I manage, cope and persevere by taking it all day by day. I’m not perfect. I’m not wired differently or maybe I am, one can never be too sure. But I get asked frequently how I manage to do it all and juggle everything I’ve put in my path. Trust me, I ask myself the same question everyday!

However, there is no doubt that behind every decisions I’ve made there have been doubts, tears, insecurities and judgement (mainly from my own mentality). Yet, behind all the negativities I would occasionally inject in my mind, there have also been signs of hope and faith in which I lean on to.

I don’t do it all then what’s necessarry!

To you, I may be courageous but from my point of view, it’s only a  normal procedure that goes with the task of living. I may not wear my fears boldly for the world to see, but my fears walk along side me as they remind me of what’s at stake as well as drive me forward. I don’t choose to be courageous, but I decide against letting fear tame me from the many possibilities.

For at the end of the day, you’ve only seen a tiny piece of the puzzle whilst I’ve been carving every piece behind all my failures, downswings and fears. There is always more to the story than what meets the eye.

But how do I do it, you ask? 

– Well, for starters, it helps being motivated and passionate about whatever you want to do! I lack that in previous paths and works.

I have an end goal, a passion and a dream along with numerous of responsibilities that drive me. Giving up or wasting time isn’t an option nor a luxery.

– By telling myself I’m creating the life I want for myself and my family. Visualizing my end goals!

By embracing the struggles , focusing on the good and welcome the ‘unknown’ with open arms.

lutherking-quoteBy trusting myself and believing that the choices I’ve made will eventually lead to something greater than myself. For everything happens for a reason, therefore, I’m on this journey for a purpose and meaning.

– By building the foundation for tomorrow’s achievements and successes. I have faith that things will fall into place even if today’s task seems impossible to the blind eye.

Although passion, motivation and persistence pay a big role, knowledge and the belief that I’m on my biggest adventure to my dreams is significant.


How do you do it all? What are you passionate about and what keeps you motivated?


Happy Wednesday!




2 thoughts on “Persistence, Motivation & Passion

  1. Rachel A. Hanson says:

    Sometimes I ask myself how I do it all, haha. Especially lately with Nathan having relatively limited mobility.

    I’m currently reading “A Vision of Light” by Judith Merkle Riley (it’s the first in a trilogy about a woman living in the middle ages, I’d strongly recommend the series!) and the main character, Margaret, says at one point early in the book “I’ve never been able to avoid doing what was necessary in the moment.” That’s really how I feel about it – I do what’s necessary in the moment and then move on.

    It also helps to have a great support system, but I recognize I’m lucky. Not everyone has what I have.


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