What To Do When You Lack Motivation & Energy?

My Wall of Inspiration


There comes a time when motivation, inspiration, aspiration or even the desire to do anything, such as writing to save my life is nowhere to be found. Life becomes hard and sticking to your chores as well as responsibilities becomes even harder but also finding the excitement in doing anything productive seems to be the hardest task to face. This post reflects this period of time!

I went through several notebooks, notes on my phone and computer only to find “nothing” yet, mind you that I have enough ideas and notes to write/finish several blog posts and unfinished works for the rest of the month and more. However, my mind feels out of place, thus it’s not writer’s block but a combination of exhaustion, laziness and lack of motivation.

I know the reason why I’m in this position. I even started writing a post about it as a way to reflect over a personality trait of mine, social settings and how exhaustion takes over but I stopped after only one hundred words. I kept staring at the page, hoping that the words in my head would magically appear on it. Instead, I found asking myself and my husband a rhetorical question that I’m not even sure I have the answers to;

“what to do when you lack motivation and energy?”

In all laziness, I could probably make a fancy list to present but in all honesty I seem to be lost for words and have no idea of what to write. I’m stuck and I can’t seem to budge.

However, I have a tiny bit of sensibility and optimism left in me which tells me that a well rested head and a resilient frame and mind is capable of handling any adversity. In addition, my wall of inspiration tends to help.

Perhaps, you can share your wisdom on the matter; what do you do when you lack motivation and energy?

Happy Wednesday!!



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