The Life of Mia – Playing With Fire

Untitled drawing (4)

Pt. 17 – Previous parts in the serie can be found here.

A weekly blog serie where I share pieces of Mia’s stories and journey (as I’m currently writing the novel!)


I thrive in men’s beastly, long fixed stare that reveal they only want one thing, that something I can provide thus with no strings attached. For it’s what I seek while I hide from anything that may resemble a truth. In the art of seduction a woman holds power but loses strength when a man flexes his muscles. If hurt in the process, I tell myself I’m deserving of their punishment. Full aware that playing with fire will burn, that there are risks in which I choose to ignore. Risks that even those who vouch their love to me ignore themselves. But I’ve reasoned with the illogical – assuring myself that at least with fire I’m able to feel something and let the burn take over my numbness.


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