Why You Shouldn’t Regret Your Decisions


We’ve all been faced with tough choices or perhaps made decisions in our lives that have either made an impact or led us to building our future. On a daily basis, we have choices to make that will either lead to different outcomes and/or opportunities. Some choices will be significant or not so, some easy, some hard and some impossible to make. However, whenever we’re faced with a choice, there is a decision to be made where we have to choose one or the other.

Nevertheless, in the spirit of decision-making, there is always a chance that what we decide or choose will later on prove to be the wrong ones at some point in our lives. We make our choices based on our mindset, who we are as individuals, wants, needs and our perceptive view on the world surrounding us. But let’s not forget we tend to be creature of habit. 

The choices we’ve made must have at some point felt right, alas, we learn as we grow and evolve as individuals, that life events and choices will most likely test us in every possible way.

Realizing we have regrets in life can be a difficult emotion to overcome and accept. Especially, when living with the notion and constant memory of what we’ve “lost” along the way and wishing we could go back and change it all. Painfully, we come to the realization that it’s pretty much impossible.

Here is why you shouldn’t regret your decisions in life:

– They make you wiser and more prepare.

– They open doors and create new opportunities.

– They teach you something, one way or another. Like self-forgiveness.

– Everything in its right place and right time.

– They advance you further in the art of failure.

– They evoke growth and self-awareness.

For years I lived in regret of the things I had done (or not done), for the opportunities I missed out on, the choices I made for the sake of others and for wanting to remain in my comfort zone. All the “I should have this” or “I could have that” repetition in my head was doing more harm to my mental state, as well as preventing me from moving forward.

Still, here I am today, making new and different choices: some that might lead to success or some to more failure. However, one must embrace the choices made rather than wishing they had never happened. For you eventually realize that it has all been a part of something leading to the future.

It took me awhile but I can now say that I’ve come to terms with my choices in life. I accept that there is a meaning, purpose and time for everything. 

We must not live in regret of our choices and decisions but live in awe of the growth we gone through as well as the experiences and life lessons we’ve acquired on our journey based on previous choices and decisions.

– A.B.-

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