In Life, What Do We Know With Absolute Certainty?

There are certain things and aspects of creation we believe to be true or false mainly because it’s been proven through science and history. As well as through the nature of us human beings, our behaviour and experiences. Through the course of life we learn, experience and evolve as human beings.
But what do we know with absolute certainty?

We assume we’ll live to experience tomorrow, for our  experiences and mental constructions on life and reality dictates it but it’s fair to say tomorrow may or may not come.

In life, we acquire knowledge and skills that advance us further. We learn (hopefully) the difference between right and wrong and what is acceptable and what is not. We learn that there are consequences/reaction behind our actions – good or bad. And based on our experiences we learn who is truthworthy and who is not. Who to keep close and who we should leave behind, as well as the developement of the human consciousness and instinct.

It’s fair to say we are never fully trained in the school of life, where we, the students, seek answers to various questions and facts. However, most of what we learn is based on what the outside world teaches or/and informs us. And how we view the world and interpret it.

But as we grow and mature we discover there is a lot we don’t know and “facts” don’t always reflect reality. That not all facts of life are known with absolute certainty  (in all parts of the world) and not all information are known to be 100% accurate.

Now, I know 2+2 = 4. We can all agree that’s a 100% accurate calculation/fact?! Alas, I learned the hard way that is how numbers (and  apperently logic) operate in the mathematic universe.

But what’s 100% accurate when it comes to the journey of what we call life? Emotions? Experiences? Beliefs? Spirituality? Dreams? Fear? Happiness? Choices? Love? Hate? The list goes on..

So I ask, in life, what do you know for sure?

I’d like to think that through my years I’ve gotten to know, learn and experience a few things. However, much of what I know would perhaps be based on what I’ve been taught/imprinted on me, history/stories and much on my own assumption, opionion and beliefs (which are somewhat influenced by the “outside world”).

In order to stamp out the many opinions, beliefs and facts I’m bombarded with every now and then, I must ask myself this question; what do I know for sure? I must be curious enough to seek and find answers, therefore, also challenge my assumptions and beliefs.

But in a society where information, beliefs and opinions are being thrown at our direction – left and right; how do we judge and misjudge what is being presented?

While I believe we can never achieve 100% certainty about anything but learn and grow by understanding reality and how it operates. Furthermore, understanding ourselves and our inner beliefs on reality and life.




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