When You Realize You’re Responsible For Your Dreams

DreamsIn life only you can search and (hopefully) find what gives you meaning, happiness and purpose. And when you do, it’s basically all up to you. You can either aspire to become whatever it is that you desire or make no movement nor take action. It’s a choice rather than a predicament. For the truth is that you alone are responsible for your own life, happiness and achievements.

A dream remains just that, a dream if there is no aim to achieve it. With no plan nor action to drive you forward to your end goal, your life remains unchanged.

While there is no doubt that the road to realize a dream can be a rather bumpy road and perhaps strenuous, it’s up to you to decide to take the first step. You’ll meet obstacles, doubts and without a doubt fail once or a hundred times. It all depends on you and your determination to become

I realize that I’ve just said ‘dream’ a lot. I guess, the point I’m trying to make is a life lesson I’ve known but chose to ignore or not taking it seriously. That a dream will only come true when you’ve put in the planing, action and hard work.

I believe that we humans are capable of achieving and creating unimaginable things in life; history, science and technology has long proven this to be true. And with the right mindset and attitude we can conquer pretty much anything.

When you have been in the bottom of the barrel mentally like I have this past year and a half, you learn that no one can fight your battles for you nor walk the lonely and dark roads on your behalf. You learn that the responsibility to persevere and take action lies in your own being.

The same goes with your dreams, which I have realized that I’m responsible to pursue/achieve. Moreover, when you have come this far you don’t live much to chance or coincidences. For when you realize you’re responsible for your dreams….

– Time is of the essence. You realize there is no time waste or lose.

– You’ve lay down your goals and set up a plan, each taking you one step closer.

– You have your priorities straighten out. You know what’s important and what’s not.

– You challenge yourself in ways you haven’t before.

– Motivation runs deeper. You’re willing to strive and work hard more than ever.

– You are not willing to give up. At this point it’s not even an option and if you look at the bigger picture you’ll probably realize how far you have come; closer than you were before.

– You surround yourself with the right kind of people.

Basically, you have a different mindset!

So I courage you to dream big and don’t limit yourself but also realize that it’s first and foremost up to you to decide what you want to do with a dream/desire and the life you live and breath for.

Nonetheless, when you realize that you are responsible for your own dreams you become an unstoppable force who’s determined and destined for greatness.

Happy Wednesday


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