The Beauty of Stories & Storytelling

I have a story to tell and so have you.

Telling you what I had for breakfast is a story, however, a rather boring one I can assure you. What you choose to share about who you are is a story. Telling stories (true or fiction) is an important aspect of culture and human nature. We are storytellers and that is unlikely to change.

There are stories in people’s lives and in the evolution of things. There is a story behind everything and everyone that crosses our path. Whilst there is one or several stories imprinted within we also carry the curiosity to seek and the desire to share stories in any type of form, perhaps some more than others. As communicative beings, we seek connection and hence making storytelling a way of interacting with the outside world. We share compelling, true or even fictional stories and the stories we share connects us with one another. The beauty: stories connects us with life itself.

Stories have strength and power

Now speaking of stories in general, in my opinion a story can possess strength and power. It can touch us and move us as it evokes something within us. And depending on various elements, it can expand our horizon. Moreover, just as every human life is unique, a story becomes unique in its own way because of its narrator.

I enjoy a good story, either true or fictional, written or told. To me, stories mean challenging my imagination, emotions and even beliefs. It can connect or disconnect me to something or someone. And if ever captivated by a good story, it can awaken my senses, challenge my mindset and perhaps change me.

For instant, a story in a song may evoke a certain feeling or memory. A story in a movie or a book offers the opportunity to transport you to another world, challenge your senses and maybe inspire. A story told by a friend or a stranger may inform you thus offering knowledge or wisdom, it can strengthen a bound, open your heart or even break it. That’s the power it may possess when presented regardless of its intentions, meaning or purpose.

The beauty: A good story has the ability to stay with you and never end.

What does stories mean to you?

Stories mean to learn and explore. Within a story we learn the difference between a lie and a truth. And through stories we learn the endless lessons of life.

The beauty behind stories and storytelling is:

Human connection: communicating and connecting with one another.
Emotions: to grow, evolve and to FEEL.
Creativity: Feeding your imagination. Helping you form new ideas and images.
Knowledge and wisdom: to devolope the ability to understand the way of life and the world.

Stories are important as they teach us that life is not all black or white and that it contains many nuances. I have a story to tell and so have you, so let’s tell it!

Happy Wednesday!


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