The Downsides of Blogging When You Aspire To Be a Novelist


So far I enjoy the blogging world I chose to join over a year ago. Alas, it hasn’t all been all fun and games. And inspiration doesn’t always come knocking. That’s when it all becomes a bit difficult and discouraging.

So when inspiration and defeat go hand in hand you’re forced to find a solution to the problem ASAP; for giving it all up isn’t exactly an option I’m willing surrender to.

However, along the road, blogging sometimes becomes yet another chore/task on the to-do list. For as much as I enjoy writing entirely my first love is writing fiction; creating new characters, storyline and falling in love with my characters (mostly the male characters). Bassically, transporting myself to a new world and let my imagination run wild.

You have to be able to juggle the two.

I find that juggling both fiction writing and blogging has become hard (especially when being a professional procrastinator, I tend postpone things to the last minute. I’ve so far managed to meet my blog-deadlines but it’s at a cost for my fiction writing. I lack structure and perhaps discipline, I’m full aware and working on it.

The pressure to (always) be creative.

You have to create something new, captivating and creative for a new blog post, and if I feel defeated and there is no inspiration insight, then I’m doomed. Plus it all becomes extra work!

The presure (mainly from yourself) to do better

The presure of maintaining/reaching a good ‘statistic’ on blog. The constant need for validation that what I’ve put out is good enough, likeable and acceptable. And that I’ve manage to increase the amount of visitors to my blog.

Interacting with other bloggers becomes a burden. 

The importance of engaging with others in order to grow, learn and evolve as a blogger. However, when writing fiction (especially as a newbie) you’re in your own bubble. Learning by doing, searching and reading. There is no presure of interacting with other until perhaps later on.


Truthly, blogging distracts me from other writing comittments. While Im aware it’s not all entirely ‘blogging’ fault rahter than my lack of structure and discipline. Like I said, I’m working on it – full change takes time!

Now that I’ve bashed ‘blogging’, let me give it a bit of a boost. Blogging keeps me writing, it has taught me to be consistent. I know I could stop at any given time but I’m in too deep and I love it! And like everything else, there is an upside and downside. I may not have a clear plan to where I’m going with my blog but I know why I do it. And for now, it’s enough to keep me going to #WriteShareConnect.

And I hope you’ll continue the journey with me.

Happy Wednesday.




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