#LinkYourLife Challenge: Day 29 -Personal Goals


Day 29…

A personal goal I’m working to achieve:

This takes me back to day one of this challenge where I wrote as I am now. And there I shared a bit of my weightloss journey. It’s been almost 8 months and I can tell that this time it’s different. I’ve never been more motivated and driven to achieve the goals I’ve set for myself this time around. It’s the longest I’ve been able to stick with such change and course. I’m almost half-way there and I’m truly proud to have come so far.

This is what I wrote on day one:

For the past six months now, I have embarked on a weight loss journey. For years, I have been struggling with my weight and I could not succeed to save my life. Today, I realize that in order to succeed at anything I need to start loving myself and believe that I’m capable and worthy. Prior to my journey I knew I would have to stop making excuses and putting myself down. With time, self-love and respect along with the right mindset, determination and hard work I have so far lost 12 kg (26.5 lbs.). The journey continues…but I’m optimistic and hopeful that the best is yet to come!

A personal goal I’m proud to have achieved:

I’ve shared my journey on battling depression and life in general. Whilst it took me a while to find peace, meaning and purpose in my life, and I’m proud to have achieved tranquility and faith that things will work out. Back then, a personal goal was to get back on my feet again, find hope and aspire to something. I’ve now found that ‘something’ , rediscovered my strength and realized that I am capable.

Happy Monday!




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