#LinkYourLife Challenge: Day 25 – ‘Where Do You Get Stuck?’

The end of the challenge is near and I can say it’s truly been a self discovery journey. I’ve had to challenge myself in writing (almost) everyday. I’ve had to challenge my thoughts and emotions, the present and the past. Overall, I can share that it’s been a great experience.

However, for today’s challenge I’ve had to ask myself and explore the question: ‘where do I get stuck?’

My immediate thought or answer was ‘when life throws me an unexpected challenge’ or ‘when things don’t go as expected’…let rephrase the latter; when things don’t go my way, the way I planned. Well, then I tend to get stuck. I throw myself a self-pity party, avoid the issue in hand, procrastinate (which I will talk about tomorrow) and exercise my right to wallow in more self-pity.

The issue is and I’m sure there are others who can relate; I get stuck when I don’t know where I’m headed or how I will get there. In other words, when I’m thrown off guard and if nothing for some odd reason, makes no sense. Which in the end boils down to my desire to control certain things, events and/or situations in life.

For the truth of the matter is that you can be aware that things may or may not go your way but you can never completely prepare for it to not go your way. Right?

Also, I usually get stuck when I have too many choices to make, to a point when it all becomes overwhelming. And I don’t mean deciding what I’m going to have for dinner or what color dress to buy.

I guess the core issue to getting stuck or even feeling stuck is expectations not being met leading to of course disappointment and the sense of lack of control. Furthermore, the need or aspiration that we can exercise control over certain aspects, situations or people in life. This I’ve learned the hard way is near to impossible.

I get stuck a lot but with a sense of direction of where I’m headed and clear goals I find it easy to search for a solution and get myself unstuck. In addition, a constant reminder that:


Happy Thursday!


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