#LinkYourLife Challenge: Day 20 – #WriteShareConnect

20160709_041714.jpgDay 20: What is something you’ve never shared before or never thought you’d share?

Writing down my thoughts and ideas is something I’ve always been doing since I could write and make sense of things. However, sharing whatever I scribble down has never been a goal nor priority rather something to fear and avoid. Sharing in general was something I was afraid of doing because it meant me putting myself ‘out there’ for people to openly judge and scrutinize.

I’ve always wanted to connect more with the outside world but I’ve never been comfortable nor confident enough to do so. Especially sharing a part of me to the outside world: who I am, my journey and my life.

Ever since I embarked on a self-discovery journey, writing has played a big role in my everyday life and discovery.

So I guess one could say my blog and writings is something I never thought I would share. Ever. But somehow I’ve managed to write and share a lot about my personal journey which has taught me a few things about myself, writing and the blogosphere.

Since the beginning, my goal has been to Write – Share – Connect and aspire more to join. Hopefully, this hashtag will be a platform for the likeminded spirits.

For various reasons, I’ve never shared a profile picture of me. And honestly, I don’t know when I’ll be ready to do so. Only time will tell!

On a side note:
What’s your opinion when it comes to blogging and not having a profile picture?

PS: I’ll be skipping tomorrows challenge, day 21: “We’ve all had an ugly sweater. What did/does yours look like?” Well, I don’t have any sweater that I personally think is ugly. So it’s pretty pointless to try and write a post about it.

Anyway, Happy Saturday! And I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


5 thoughts on “#LinkYourLife Challenge: Day 20 – #WriteShareConnect

  1. Juni Desireé says:

    There has been so much I’ve written that I thought I’d never share, but I found blogging has been the most helpful took in giving me the confidence and courage to share. Year by year, I’m sharing more and more. I remember as a kid I thought I would be happy never sharing any of my thoughts – how things change!


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