#LinkYourLife Challenge: Day 18 – ‘A recollection of a Dream’

to.accomplishDay 18: Write a recurring dream  you’ve had (or just a dream you remember).

I literally had nothing for today’s challenge. No dreams or none that I could remember. I mean, I dream, then I wake up and poof it’s gone. In addition, I’ve been so exhausted lately that my dreams seem to go unnoticed. I tried writing a poem about a dream which I managed to do but it’s stored for later.

But then I decided to go through an old journal. I discovered I had written about a dream I had in February 2, 2015 when I was searching for purpose and meaning in my life. Bassically, any meaningful sign that would generate hope but I soon discovered a recurring problem – self-doubt and the fear to explore any possibilities or to believe in my own capability.

I wrote:

I dreamt of something that felt so clear as if I was living it. They dreams are hidden messages to our conscious mind but it’s up to us to figure out the meaning behind every ‘message’. In this dream I was opening a restaurant. I was creating something new. I felt joy and pride. I could feel the emotions ride through my body as if it was all real. Fear was not a factor for I was apparently doing what I loved to do. I felt fearless. I dared. I leaped.

I woke up with a sense of motivation and drive. But in matter of seconds, as reality kicked in it was all gone. Shortly after came self-doubt and fear. I had lost my joy and sense of pride.

We are truly our own enemy as soon reality kicks in and slaps us with our own preconceived ideas and mindsets.

I didn’t necessarily want to open a restaurant and no matter how much I enjoy cooking I know it’s not my passion. It’s not what gives me meaning. I guess the point was that we should not let fear stop us from exploring the endless possibilities that life can offer.

Let’s be more kind and believe more in ourselves! ♥



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