#LinkYourLife Challenge: Day 17 – ‘Coffee or Tea?’


Day 17 and today’s “challenge” is a simple question – coffee or tea? A simple question that seem to divide us. Whereas those who drink coffee seem to demand their coffee every morning. However, as a tea drinker, the thought of making/remembering to make coffee at work (to some people’s standards and expectations) or even demanding non-tea drinkers to make me tea is unlikely. I mean, if you must have coffee – make it yourself!

In case you haven’t notice I’m a tea drinker but it’s not for lack of trying. For believe me, I’ve tried to enjoy the dark, caffeine packed magic potion that many praise. All to fit in and not be a burden or dispointment whenever someone would offer or invite me for coffee. 

I thought perhaps motherhood would magically make me crave it, love it or even draw me closer to it to heal the constant feeling of tiredness and the occasionally sleep deprivation. And actually keep energized and awake. But nope, never worked! I tried milk and lots of sugar but haven’t found anything that can disguise the awful taste of black coffee.

I thought things would change after graduating from university and when I got my first job. With the typical “9 to 5” hours at the office I hoped that taking ‘coffee’ breaks with co-workers would have an influence on me and that somehow their enthusiasm for coffee would wear off on me. It never did…

 Therefore, I stopped trying. I made it official – I don’t like coffee and I don’t drink it! For in my mouth, it just tastes awful! I’ve tried exotic ones, mild ones, cheap ones and strong ones. Nothing!

So it’s always been tea; in all colors and flavors. And today, I’m satisfy with the notion it’s always going to be tea. I don’t even try to replace it! Tea soothes me. It gives me pleasure and warmth. Holding a warm cup of tea in my hands I find myself in a state of happiness. You can’t buy happiness but in my mind, a cup of tea is pretty close the real deal! I never got that from coffee…

Tell me, coffee or tea?

Happy Wednesday


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