#LinkYourLife Challenge: Day 16 – ‘Travel’

travelDay 16: Where have you traveled or where do you want to travel?

Today challenge is about something I love to do but don’t quite get the chance to do it as much nor as often. And this quote basically describes why travelling is important. Not only you get to see the world but you also get to experience and learn about it. It’s by travelling we educate ourselves and reduce ignorance.

I’ve mostly traveled to European countries, our neighbors Sweden and Denmark. I’ve visited London on several occasions and it’s by far my favorite city to visit in Europe. I’ve been to Barcelona and of course Paris. But London holds a special place in my heart!

But I want to see more of the world, of its beauty and charm. It’s one of my biggest aspirations in life; to see and experience the world. I love to travel and I’m sure that if money wasn’t a factor I would be out there experiencing and living an adventure.

Over the years, I’ve realized that I’m not the typical tourist whenever I do travel. I don’t take as much pictures, especially not of buildings and monuments. I don’t necessarily visit typical tourist attractions for I hate standing in long lines and packed areas. But I rather enjoy local streets, the culture and most importantly the people.

There are many places I would love to see and experience. Naming all of them would be quite boring and too long but to name a few: Venice, Dubai, Bangkok, New York, Lisbon, Nice, New Delhi and The Caribbean. I’ll cross the many places one by one on my list until one day I’ve managed to cross them all.

How about you, where do you want to travel?

One thought on “#LinkYourLife Challenge: Day 16 – ‘Travel’

  1. charoflondon says:

    I love going to Europe too, its beautiful… I love that it doesn’t take too long to get there either! I agree that travelling and being around other people really does give you new views and puts your life in perspective. Also it’s just fun! when I go away I tend to want to have the experience of being a local but with a few touristy bits thrown in and ALOT of food. I’ve been going away quite a bit over the past few years esp Asia but have only started blogging recently so will be posting some travel pieces in retrospect. I just got back from Malta which was beautiful, I will post on that soon. I went to Lisbon a few weeks ago as well, I have posted some photos and tips: https://charoflondon.com/2016/06/13/roams-lisbon/


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