#LinkYourLife Challenge: Day 15 – ‘What I’m Proud of’

Day 15: What are you proud of?

I don’t fear getting old but I fear not achieving the things I’ve set out to do in life. But I’m grateful for the things I’ve achieved so far in life or even attempted and not to forget, proud of my resilient ways.

It’s something some take for granted in this country and probably in other developed countries. However, it’s always been an important goal in my family and something that I’ve aspired to achieve in life – for myself and for my family. And of course, I’m proud to be the only one in my family who have achieved just that, a higher education.

Motherhood & Family
I became a mother at the age of 21. It was not easy juggling motherhood and other responsibilities but I don’t regret it for I’m proud of the experiences and lessons it has taught me. But mostly I’m proud of my two beautiful sons who manage to fill me with joy every single day, love and a sense of pride, even when I feel like locking myself in a room to get away.

I’m proud of my family, especially my mother. You can read why, here and here.

Tenacity & Perseverance
This last one may sound a bit egotistical to some but I’m proud of myself and my ability to not give up even when life challenges me left and right. I’m pretty sure it’s my tenacity mindset and perseverance that’s got me here. Challenges such as poverty, witness/victim of domestic violence as a child, sexual abuse, rape and so on did not put a stop on my will to carry on. I could’ve given up and many times I’ve wanted to thinking that my life was completely worthless, that I was worthless. Looking back I’m surprised that my life didn’t turn out completely different or in a way more messy and out of control. Now, of course some of my experiences have left behind certain scars but I’ve somehow persevered.

Nonetheless, I’m still standing and unbroken, what’s not to be proud of?!

Happy Monday,




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