Sometimes, something’s gotta give. will have to compromise, reboot, take a break (or breakdown) or even admit defeat, for at the end of the day you’re only human and there is only so much you can do and actually commit to do. Like saying ‘yes’ to help someone move a sofa out of an apartment (alas, it because it’s the right thing to do!).

It’s day 13 (tomorrow day 14) of the #LinkYourLife blogging challenge and honestly, I had to choose my battles and victories very carefully this week. And I chose to put the challenge aside (at the last minute) for the weekend. I don’t normally blog everyday (and now I know why!), so I kinda knew this day would come when I decided to do this challenge.

There comes a time, now and then, when you will have to remind yourself you can’t do everything at once and expect to come out alive. And between work related stress, parenting, marriage, personal commitments (like trying to write a damn book!!!), online courses, blogging, workout, finding the time to do this and that – I just couldn’t take it anymore. I was beginning to crawl my way through…

Therefore, I needed a break, from something! So something’s gotta give! Either way, it sucks! Excuse my language and writing today…I’m just sooo exhausted!! Hey, look at the bright side, I still manage certain things, like writing this short, short post!

I mean, one can admit defeat but always strive to find the strength to keep going, no matter how small the steps!

I wish you all a pleasant (and relaxed) Weekend!!!



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