#LinkYourLife Challenge: Day 12 – ‘Songs I grew Up With’



Day 12: Make a playlist of songs you grew up with (with YouTube links)

It’s Friday and this challenge fits perfectly now the weekend it’s upon us!! Put your dancing shoes on and travel back in time with to the 90s / 00s.

This was yet another challenge I enjoyed ‘writing’ and it was FUN browsing through YouTube and reminisce. It brought me back almost two decades back. Wow, time truly passes like it’s no one’s business!

But if we put aside the fact that time also makes you older and focus on the music which has always played a major role in my life ever since I could remember. According to my mother, my ‘musical’ gene comes from my father’s side.

Looking back over the years and decades there have been songs that have made an impact or just offered amusement. Either way, music has always been a part of who I am.

I love music!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – ‘my antidote to all moods’.

However, I don’t have a particular taste or genre in music. I basically listen to anything that’s fun, makes me want to dance or that moves me, either based on good lyrics, melody or sound. But there is one genre I haven’t been able to victimize my eardrums for, namely heavy metal. And I mean that kind of thing they call music but just end up giving you a headache! So you won’t find that on my list…sorry!

The songs I’ve listed are songs I remember listening to growing up and that have a story, an image or a memory whenever I listen to one of them. I’ve divided the list into three categories; Pre-teens, Teenage Years and Coming of Age.



I cannot make a list without including the King of Pop. I was a huge fan in the second/third grade.

Again, you can’t have a list withot the Spice Girls being on it.

Aaah, the good old Britney!!!

I save the best for last…in my opinion. Who would have thought that these boys would dominate my teenage years. And turn me into a boyband fanatic!

If you haven’t seen nor heard of Titanic by now, seriously you must be from another planet. If you weren’t madly in love with this song, then (I can’t bare to say it!).

Teenage Years

The boyband years still continued…

Three little words, yet very effective!

My tomboy image year, when this song arrived….


More Britney…no wonder as she dominated my teenage years either I like it or not – the princess of pop. This song was on everyone’s lips (my included) when it first came out.


Coming of Age (the gloomy years)







I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s journey down on memory lane! Happy Friday and wish you all a pleasant weekend.



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