#LinkYourLife Challenge: Day 11 – ‘Dear Blogger’

thankyouDay 11: Write a letter to a favorite blogger letting them know  why they are important to you.

I don’t have a favorite blogger as my taste in blogs/bloggers varies in different topics, styles and creativity. However, I have a handful of bloggers I enjoy reading and re-visiting. For I will be the first to admit that I could do better when it comes to searching/exploring more of the blogosphere. At times, I find it to be enough with those I’ve already discovered and come to know but I’m of course open to new minds and creative souls (if I can just make the time to search for them).

So, I guess this post or letter if you will, is to all bloggers I know, I’ve reached out to and enjoy reading/exploring. This one’s for you!

Dear Blogger,

Thank you for your creativity. Thank you for your playfulness with words. Thank you for your writings which at times manages to make me laugh, shed a tear, think, feel or even challenge my set of beliefs and opinions. Thank you for having the courage to put yourself “out there” and sharing your thoughts, ideas and creativity.

For these are the reasons why I’m drawn to you. And I’m drawn to you for your words that sometime give meaning, lessons, clarity and inspiration.

I must at times remind myself to not be envious of you but proud and grateful that such creative soul exist and aspires to share, engage, connect and inspire.

You are important to me because you inspire me. Furthermore, you teach me; either be on life (of its struggles and enjoyment), on writing which can be a strenuous journey for any writer or even blogging which hopefully I’ve managed to pick up a lesson or two on.

I may not always leave visible signs in your direction (I’m working on it!) but I assure you I support and appreciate your work. Moreover, I encourage you to keep writing and sharing. For in a world where blogging seem to be a common thing to do, what makes you unique is your voice. Express it!



If you are curious to what kind of blogs/bloggers I follow explore the list (‘Explore Creative Souls’) on the sidebar of my blog. Thank you for taking the time to read today’s blog post. And have a nice day!



One thought on “#LinkYourLife Challenge: Day 11 – ‘Dear Blogger’

  1. Steff says:

    This is a lovely idea for a post/link up! I also would struggle to narrow it down to one favourite blogger. I especially agree with your appreciation of voice, it’s something that feels less and less imprortant lately and that can be discouraging! xo Steff


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