#LinkYourLife Challenge: Day 10 – ‘Dear Mum



Day 10: Write a letter to your mother, father, sister or brother telling them something new.

Dear Mum,

I realize now that life will challenge us through the end of time, as it has challenged us through our journey together. I also realize that what keeps us going is the hope that life will teach us and offer us something, and more often it offers more beauty than what we’ve had in mind to begin with.

In my own journey now, to find whatever I seek I’m learning that I may not be responsible for the things that have been done to me but take responsibility for who I chose to be. And I choose to shine, mum. I choose to live the majestic life despite knowing that I might fall and never knowing when.

The pain you shed whilst grabbing on to me as if I was to slip off your hands reminds me of your love (which I hang on to) and of how far we’ve come. For because of you I now have options.

And all the things I thought you only said out of love those many days and nights are starting to make sense. I can now say you were right. What’s new is the fact that I now feel and becoming aware of the uniqueness that is me.

I’m slowly unveiling the curtains to introduce myself, once again to the world. This time with more self-worth and self-love. For I realize that I do matter as you’ve pointed out several times but never truly believing it.

I’m at a crossroad where I choose to work with fear, instead of against it in pursue of what I aspire in life. It’s going to take hard work and perseverance but it feels right.

Therefore, I can say with such pride that I’m losing the weight. I am working hard towards my goals. I’m writing which means I’m persevering through self-doubts and procrastination. However, I’m hopeful that everything will eventually fall into place.

I know you worry but I assure you that with my ‘ups and downs’ (which we all have), I now manage to see pass the bad and hold on to love, gratitude and happiness.

We miss you but we’re looking forward to seeing you after the summer holidays!


Your daughter.

This letter was actually emotional but amazing to write. I’m actually sending it to my mum. It was truly from the heart. It didn’t have anything concrete/specific that was ‘new’ but I guess, my self discovery is in a way something new.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Happy Wednesday!



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