#LinkYourLife Challenge: Day 9 – ‘My Child’


Day 9: Describe your child (real, imagined or inner)

I am a mother of two boys. So I decided to describe my first born who is seven because his personality is beginning to shine clearly compared to his little brother who is three.

My son is truly a ‘momma’s boy’. And many of his personality traits resembles his mother’s. An emotional and a sensitive being, intuitive and curious. He’s certainly active from morning to evening, he doesn’t possess the ability to sit still (no, he doesn’t have ADHD). He’s an adventure seeker. He’s adaptable and flexible. He is not afraid of human touch or connection. He’s affectionate seeking love and at times, validation.

While I was suffering from depression last year he notice a lot things. He noticed some changes and trusted himself to know that something was wrong. That mommy was definitely not the same. He would lie down next to me, gently stroking my chin and put a kiss on my forehead. He would dare to ask if I was ok and dare to notify me if I was out of line or being unfair. And he showed curiosity for why I was sad all the time. The Intuitive Child piece which I wrote last year was inspired by him. In that periode of time I learned more about my son who showed me love and compassion. I’m truly blessed!

He has a goofy side (what child doesn’t) but for some, it can get a bit too much and annoying. But truly he comes from a place of fun and means well!

I’m starting to notice more and more of his creative side. He’s actually discovered the enjoyment of writing ‘fiction’ and has quite the imagination. He enjoys building Lego, preferably Lego Ninjago. He enjoys to be read to.

He’ll be in third grade this fall. And I can say with pride and humiliation that he’s better in math than I am at the age of almost 30. But in my defense, math was NEVER my strongest ability. In fact, I dread it and even today, I avoid it like the plague (but when it comes to counting money, that I can do!).

Finally, I leave you with a poem I wrote a while back describing the innocence of my child – here.

With that said I thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read today’s blog post (and hopefully other posts!).


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