#LinkYourLife Challenge: Day 8 – ‘Outside My Window’

loveheartDay 8: Describe what is outside the nearest window and how it relates to your life.

It’s a typical Sunday afternoon (but you’ll be reading this on Monday). I’m sitting on our sofa that has seen better days but we haven’t bother to get a new one yet. Under a fluffy blanket, I’m completely relaxed ignoring the mess on the floor despite having cleaned it the previous day (one of the challenges of having kids). I write this piece on my phone as I stare out the window. It’s a cloudy and raining day but yet a peaceful one. The boys defy the weather and play outside on the terrace. We built it two years ago but still haven’t got to the point of finishing painting it. What remains sits there and taunts me, day in and day out.

But it’s still a blissful Sunday. The boys seem to be enjoying themselves as they play Batman & Superman – the ultimate battle. And as I sit here motionless while my husband sets the grill on fire and the boys lost in fantasy-world I find myself in a state of gratitude and happiness.

So it’s not what is outside my nearest window but who. For the things I see may play a tiny, tiny role in my life but those things can never measure to the people I have in my life and whom depend on me every single day.

I see life,  joy and love in different shapes and sizes!

I realize life surrounds me and what I see outside relates to my life in every possible way. Who I see relates to me as a mother. A caregiver. A wife. Furthermore, I realize I’m all this for I am a woman first. A woman with a lot to give, share and offer. In addition, what I see outside my nearest window depends on my authenticity, love, compassion and perseverance.


Happy Monday!




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