#LinkYourLife Challenge: Day 6 – ‘False Memory’

#LinkYourLifeDay 6: Write a False Memory

I decided to write a poem/short prose for today’s #LinkYourLife blogging challenge about a false memory. Remembering something from a childhood that becomes blurry as time passes by. A memory that becomes uncertain, that the fragile mind questions its authenticity.

False Memory

Beneath sunset a child stands in awe of her hero
Embracing what would soon become a stranger
Innocent child, innocent girl
Experiencing her first heartbreak
Listening to the words that will one day vanish into thin air
A moment that memory will soon demolish
What is said and not said forever remains uncertain
As the hand of time fickles with the mind of a child
The memory of a stranger becoming blurry with every second
until there is no conviction if what she remembers is indeed true
For in the fragile mind of a daughter 
An absence father inevitably becomes a false memory



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