#LinkYourLife Challenge: Day 4 – ‘Explore a Happy Memory’


Mother & Daughter on a Joyride

Over the years, I’ve been lucky to have created and/or experienced good memories and some not so great ones which I’ve worked hard to forget/erase from my mind. Well, easier said than done and in truth not realistic. However, today is all about a happy memory!

My happy memory is a mother and daughter memory. It’s not necessarily about the actual event rather than how we chose to handle an unfortunate course of event and our reaction/emotion during this minor and non-dramatic accident.

It was the summer of 2004. Early that year my mother finally had her driver’s license after struggling with it for a couple of years! Therefore, in this occasion my stepfather decides to buy a new car, so they have two – my mother would get to use the old one. He bought himself his ‘dream’ car at the time – a Toyota Celica, black one. Very sporty! A car fitting his mid-life crisis period that apparently satisfied his inner adolescent.

One day during the summer holiday the two of us were bored and needed an adventure. My stepfather had taken the “old” car to work and the only car available that weekday was the Celica. The sun was shinning and the weather was on our side so we wanted to take a road trip. At first, we were reluctant to take the ‘fancy’ car out on our own with mother as a newbie driver. ‘What’s the worst thing that can happened,’ we said and took off on the open road.

Everything was going fine. Until, we decided to take a short cut to somewhere (don’t quite remember where we were planning to go). But the open road narrowed and we end up on a gravel pathway rather than a road driving 40 km (approx. 25 miles). Steering proved to be challenging as the road became bumpier. I’d never seen my mother in deep concentration with both hands on the steering wheel and eyes faced forward. She ordered me not to say a word. I could tell she was starting to regret everything leading up to this moment.

Whilst trying to avoid shallow holes and stones on this path to nowhere (as it seemed at that the time) she lost control. We wind up driving over the edge off the road. The car was tilted on its side but we manage to get out. Then, we realize we may need help to get back on the road again.

We spend the next 20-30 minutes waiting for a living soul to show up; mind you, we’re in the middle of nowhere. We decide to wait some more, anything to avoid calling my stepfather although the car was still in tact and it no visible scratch (trust me, we checked more than twice!).

The human mind and emotion is truly bizarre at times. As we were siting on the side of the road, remorseful whilst going through our day leading up to the accident we burst out laughing. A synchronized laugh. Laughing the kind of laughter that’s contagious and you can’t help but laugh even when you have no idea what the other person is laughing about. Tears of joy running down our cheeks. Laughing at our misadventure but also laughing as if we knew of no misfortune and bad luck.

It took an hour before being ‘rescued’ out of the gutter by a nice farmer man who apparently had experience in this sort of accidents. We drove back home and we didn’t take any risks…and shortcuts. The day remained a secret between mother and daughter.

We wanted an adventure and we got one. Nonetheless, we turned an unfortunate accident to a happy memory. Today we still laugh long and hard about our summer joyride – one of the many adventures we’ve had.

Why this memory? Well, what’s better than laughter and tears of joy?! ♥



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