Letting Go of Control

For the reason that the only thing and person you can control in life is yourself.

Nonetheless, I have the tendency to want to control every aspect of my life while well aware that it’s close to near impossible (if not at all) unless I lock myself in a room with limited access with society. I don’t always realize that the only thing I can control is my mind and thoughts – in other words; me, myself and I.

There is nothing wrong with planning and knowing what you want in life. But speaking from experience, I’ve learned that the hardest part of making dreams come true is the part where anything can go wrong at any time. But there is also a chance that  things can get a bit tricky and challenging for most of us hence the feeling of lost. We want to control certain things and if we fail, we feel defeated.

“You may not control all the events that happen to you,
but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

– Dr. Maya Angelou

We can have a well thought out plan but as soon as we walk out the door things starts to shift. The plan we set for ourselves doesn’t always include life’s unpredictable twists and turns of events. Let’s not forget that what makes life so unpredictable is the human mind and body;  how it all operate and vary. We never know what the next person we meet or interact with will say or do, because there’s nothing predictable about human interactions, mind and emotions.

Lettting go of control can simply mean focusing on the ‘now’. Some of us get to caught up in the futuristic aspect of life that we tend to forget the present. And when the present is what we know for sure; why rush? I’m sure of what I want in life. I know how to get it. I have a plan. But I have no idea about how my journey will be, who I will meet. However, letting go of control relieves me of constant doubts and fears.

But not having a plan is not a bad thing, I use to think otherwise and at times feel confuse and lost for not having plan to control. Nevertheless, my inner self has always had a plan; I just didn’t connect to it.

I still don’t have it all planned out but instead I have faith that the present will lead me to where I need to be. And I’m pretty sure there are others in the same boat as me. So, what do I do? Relax and breathe! I believe that I’m in control of my mind, body and soul – self-awareness is key. I also believe in myself and in the fact that I’m capable – we are all capable. Finally yet importantly, I try as much as I can to live in the moment.

“We all have somewhere to be
and no matter how many detours we make
we’ll eventually end up where we’re supposed to end up.”

– Amina Berg

I don’t think we’ll ever fully know or understand the meaning of life until we find it or get towards the end but it doesn’t mean we stop searching for the answer. I believe the closest to finding the answer truly lies within us. And if we can stop for a moment or two on a frequent basis to connect to our heart desires, passion and purpose as well as let go of the need for control, we would be able to get closer to knowing the meaning of behind the unpredictable life.

Happy Wednesday!


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