When a Character Speaks To You

A blog post inspired by BlondWriteMore’s blog post “When You Let Your Characters Talk To You”. I encourage you all to visit her site as it contains great and funny insights on writing. After reading her thoughts on the topic, I scribbled down some notes but never managed to finish what I had started.


Often my ideas for a new story comes from a character I’ve created in my head. And for the past three months I’ve had a character dominate my writing journey and basically my life. This character has transported me in her/his world and not necessarily by choice but I’m voluntarily going along for the ride.

As a writer, you search ways to find new ideas, storyline and plots that will drive your story forward and hopefully captivate readers. But if one is curious, open to certain input and pay close attention to the life/people surrounding us all, ideas can be found all around. Of course, good and/or bad.

But there will come a time when a character will speak to you, the writer and tell its story while you eagerly pay attention and write it all down to see where it will all lead to. This can sound insane and perhaps worrisome to non-writers as some can’t exactly wrap their mind around the idea of a fictitious character speaking to you.

However, when or if it happens be prepare for the following and most likely more…

losing control over your story. Because the story you first had in mind or perhaps started writing is altered by your character’s voice, behaviour and sense of direction. Your character is now in charge of the outcome, you’re just a spectator making sure his/her story is told. Well, hopefully one doesn’t completely give all control but in a breaf moment or several, it does happen.

Being trapped in your character’s emotional roller coaster. Their sentiment and mood swings become your own as you write your way through their ups and downs.

different outcome. Be prepare for the possibility that the story will take an unlikely direction. Either for the better or worse. I’ve experienced at times that the storyline I had spent hours writing doesn’t exactly correspond with what I’m actually writing thus asking myself how it happened.

you’re ruled by your character. Everything becomes about your character in both fiction world and real life. Those around you start to show signs of resignation and you start to notice that they pretty much don’t understand what you’re conveying and that they’ve pretty much lost interests.

inspired to write more, motivated to get the story down. I guess, this is the best part. You spend hours writing for you’re attached to you character like glue and very much connected which makes the writing process much lighter and at times more enjoyable.

Happy Wednesday.


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