3 Emotions That Stops Us From Taking The First Step


Our mood are very much a part of who we are as individuals, good or bad. The human mind has its complexity as well as human emotions, which are usually triggered by what we think and believe. We can always find a link between the two. Either way, our emotions are not easy to comprehend at all times and how we feel and react has proven to have certain challenges.

Our state of mind can spring from situations, personality, experiences and interaction with others. Emotional patterns can be determined by these components. Alas, it’s pretty hard to predict how anyone will react or feel in any given situation.

We usually know what we want, seek or aspire in life. However, something normally holds us back and most of the time it’s proven to be our own or other people’s emotions. And based on personal experience and intimate conversation with close friends, I’ve realized that we tend to be slaves to our own emotions. Going round in circle.

Unfortunately, the state we are in and our thought patterns can hinder us from achieving the things we want or even overcome issues or difficulties that may occur in our lives.  And there are certain emotions that do just that, stops us from moving forward.

When we talk about change and the desire to take the first step, we go through various emotions as a reaction to whatever it is we want to change, undergo or attain. We seek guidance in hopes that someone or something will have the answer we seek, perhaps not (consciously) knowing exactly what it is we’re looking for. Moreover, in the hopes that something will outbalance the pros or cons and push us in the right direction without any fear or risk.

1. Control. Wanting to control everything in life is near to impossible. Now, I’m a firm believer that nothing is indeed impossible but I can be realistic and say that exercising control in every aspect of life will leave anyone eventually drained out and not to mention stuck. As human beings, the only thing that is certain within our control is our own self; our mind, body and emotions. The feeling of wanting control can prevent us from actually moving any further for we’re too focused and busy controlling everything else. Resulting in us losing perspective on what’s important. But essentially, control has its baseline from fear. Mostly, fear of the unknown and uncertainties. However, what we don’t always realize is that we’re built to handle any uncertainties and unpredicted challenges thrown our way. One of the beauty of being us.

2. Fear. A reaction to something instant that threatens our safety or comfort-zone. I guess, fear is probably the root to various emotions and behaviours – our immediate reaction when we’re challenged; physically and mentally. Fear can be a good thing, it can drive us or even motivate. But most of the time, fear has a tendency of paralyzing to act or even make a decision. It can prevent us from achieving or becoming what we really want in life.

“Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will.” – James Stephens

3. Self-doubt. Trusting our own ability to make good choices based on who we are and what we want in life. Trusting that we’re capable and adequate to put in motion whatever the heart or/and mind desires. Somehow, we lose this ability of trust whenever in doubt of own capabilities and power. Which prevents us from reaching whatever greatness that lies in store for us if only we trusted ourselves more and took the first step.

Self doubt prevents you from reaching your highest potential.

It’s never going to be easy to take the first step to anything. We enjoy being in our comfort zone (who can blame us), comfortable with what we know and what we can control. There will always be fear, however, curiosity trumps the gloomy side of it.

Nonetheless, we cannot eliminate fear altogether but we can choose to work with it and use it to our advantage. And have faith it will all work out even if we don’t have all the details figured out. Building up our confidence is the only way we’ll be able to break free of self-doubt.

Usually, the heart, mind or/and soul knows what it wants. There is that ‘voice’ inside that starts out as a whisper, later on evolving as a roar whenever we choose to contradict it, which eventually becomes harder to ignore. Also known as our intuition. That’s the voice we should be able to trust more!

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”       – Chauncey Depew

What emotion(s) has stopped or is stopping you from taking the first step?

Happy Wednesday!


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