Reaching For Greatness



In a moment of truth you have to ask yourself some important questions to figure out your next move. Who are you? Who do you aspire to be?

What’s the story that’s holding you back? The story you tell yourself and that keeps blocking you from moving forward.

Also, the whys are just as important if not more. If you have a why, you can tolerate all the how and push through.

Let’s see past the success stories, the ‘how-to’ manuals and ingredients of how you will succeed in this or that. Put all expectations aside. For in truth, no one can tell you or give you a manual on how to be you and how you will make it, with your uniqueness, experiences, failures and perhaps shortcomings.

You can of course be open to inspiration, motivation as well as advice and let it all in. For in a way, that’s what success stories, ideas tend to serve. Namely, inspire and motivate. They give you a sense of direction, method and ideas.

However, what I’ve personally learned is that most stories, manuals and such lack a big element – one crucial ingredient – you. They don’t take in consideration of who you are as an individual, existing circumstances and life experiences.

We are our own enemy

The worst kind too. Many of us tend to prevent ourselves by creating obstacles, spend (waste) time on insignificant factors. We dwell on everything that may or may not occur thus letting fear tame us, rather than drive us. Making excuses after excuses – I don’t have A to reach Z. Forgetting all the steps in between. As the excuses keep pouring, unconsciously we seemingly deny ourselves the success that’s within our reach, simply by telling ourselves we are not capable or worthy of what it is we’re trying to achieve.

One of the excuses I’ve misused all too often, it’s the infamous “I don’t have time to…”, especially when it comes to writing. Forgetting that I quit two jobs for a job that pays slightly less but offers nothing but time. My excuses are usually based on fear.

Setting the bar too high…

…to a point that it puts the fear in us. Many times, I’ve had to ask myself what I’m doing to reach whatever goal I’ve set for myself, only to discover that the goals in hand are too unrealistic for myself. Furthermore, I’ve noticed that I’m doing something but a complete detour that sets me back. Even worse is when I aim to do one certain thing but find myself doing another, unrelated course. Already there I’ve set myself to fail. Discovering that I’ve set the bar too high, so high that it’s out of my reach or that the height scares the sh*t out of me.

On the journey to reaching for greatness, no matter what it may be for each one of us, what truly matters is who we are, our potentials and our own abilities.

I used to take all stories, manuals along with ingredients to success/achievements and convey them as an absolute truth for my own journey. However, forgetting that all paths are different as are all humans. We all have a starting point and other stories should merely serve as fuel to a well functioning engine. Other people’s achievements shouldn’t define our own success and what we are each capable of. For in moment of truth, we are all capable. Making all things possible.

When reaching for greatness:

– know who you are. Also, know your why.

– be true to yourself. 

– believe you are capable.

– admit your shortcomings and failures.


– have a realistic but positive view on things. Don’t let your dream mess it up for you by letting it scare you. And it might if you have set the bar too high.


Happy Wednesday

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