The Universer Holds a Secret


We know of no certain path in life. That is no secret to mankind. Alas with my determination I play my role, wondrous of the meaning behind every step I take.

I have searched high and low for a truth. For a secret unrevealed to non-believers. What lies ahead? Of this we do not know. Still, I take the strenuous steps to seek and unravel. I have turned to the past for clues. I have questioned the present of its purpose and meaning. I have taken the steps in complete faith, only to question my own beliefs.

I have gone through darkness and light with fear holding my hand. Though, I am not to despair nor give up, the path to certainty seems to be unattainable. I know of this as I have walked the lonely roads to whatever.

The universe holds a secret that is grand and obvious in its moment. And with time comes moments of truth that gently removes oblivion. With each step and lesson a secret comes to life.

In the moments that we have been given, the universe forms new possibilities of uncertain paths as you and I perform on the stage of life. And we are to perform poorly to reveal what is meant to be known before we are able to carry out the authentic act of living.


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