The UNpredictable Life

BukowskiLife runs its course. It goes on despite circumstances. Heartbreak. Pain. Sorrow. In certain events and incidents we are forced to move on. There is no “pause-button” to press. We mourn. We go through the emotions. And with time we heal and move past the trauma.

Behind every life that is lost, there is devastation and grief. Every death means something to someone. Although, I’ve been blessed to not have lost anyone immediate close to me but the death of people I’ve known of or perhaps heard of evokes an emotion, the obvious being of course sadness.

These past days people around me have been affected by an incident in the area that have caused 13 lives. All coming from work but never to make it home to their love ones. The incident became even more devastating when it affected someone I know.

After such news had spread, my mind thought of how unpredictable life is. How in one moment you’re saying goodbye to a loved one, expecting to see he or she again, only to have your world turned upside down in the next.

I thought of how life does not offer no guarantees, that we are only certain of “what-has-been” and “what-is”. And that everything else is just hope – for a tomorrow. Hope for a second chance.

When the wrath of death makes a present it often serves as a wake up call to some. A wake up to a hidden truth – life is precious. And that nothing should be taken for granted, no stone should be left unturned or no words should be left unsaid.

Most of us don’t go around worrying about living our last moments, days, minutes or seconds, as we shouldn’t. However, we should appreciate the present moment. I don’t fear death but the fear of losing someone I care deeply and/or love as I can imagine can be a tremendous heartbreak to recover from.

Then, I remind myself to be grateful for the now and live in the hope of another tomorrow. And aspire that after a ‘goodbye’ will come another ‘hello’.

“Death reflects the fragile side of life. Reminding us, that despite unpredictable events life is surprisingly beautiful.”


Happy Wednesday!




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