Yesterday’s Love

Yesterday's Love

We kept each other tamed and controlled

Denying one another the benefits of life
Blinded by love, we saw no boundaries

Our hopefulness reigned as we aimed for better tomorrows
We loved in the moment and spoke of a distant future
We were wild and free in the wilderness of love and life
Knowing of no heartbreak nor sorrow
We were young and madly in love

The memories we shared are forever imprinted
Locked in sweet love, a kiss under an oak tree
We spend nights underneath the glossy stars
As our hands rejoiced in the name love
Safe in each others arm, for eternity
Invested, thinking it was all or nothing

But what was solide became breakable
The madness of it all broke us apart
We had no one else to blame but ourselves
Ignorance woke us up from total oblivion
Our foolishness won in the end
Leaving behind yesterday’s love



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