When Inspiration & Defeat Go Hand in Hand


Lately, I’ve been feeling inspired and defeated by everything. They both seem to be present together! Many times I will find myself inspired only to be defeated by own thoughts and ideas. Alas discouragement comes knocking eventually! You go through a high and a low. At first you don’t notice the change but it is there. I’ve lost count of how many unfinished ideas I have in stock.

It´s a tough battle and a major rollercoaster ride that’s bound to leave you exhausted. In inspirational moments you have clarity, optimism and the feeling that you can conquer anything thrown your way. You have an “everything-is going-to-be-alright” outlook on life. You’re more than convinced that your moment is coming and even so, more patient – time is not the enemy. You feel inspired, you’re at ease and even satisfied with current bad situations/moments. Words come easy even. Life is great!

But then comes defeat rather too quickly. Your head is full of bad thoughts and you’ve failed before you’ve even started anything. Everything seems pointless and meaningless to even explore.

Looking at your blog stats is no help either (which is another story). You look at the calendar and realize you have to “cook” up something to post but the words don’t seem to be flowing no matter how hard you try. You force but it only makes matter worse!
And desperation quicks in

All this is not the first time and will probably not be the last neither. It’s a part of life, I know that. I guess the important part is bouncing back from the bad and being able to focus on the good side of things – I mean, at least I have moments of inspiration, right? The thing is to hold on to it all.

The human mind and spirit can be quite amusing at times. I sometime wonder how we’ve managed to survive for so long with our highs and lows.

But what I’ve been doing lately to separate inspiration and defeat from one another is by doing small things while trying to knock out fear, defeat and discouragement:

Music – my antidote to everything and source of inspiration! I dance my sorrow away like it’s nobody’s business (and when nobody’s watching!). I Walk. Run. For the last two months I’ve discovered the benefits of running; blow out some steam and fill my lungs with fresh air! And if inspiration won’t come to me, I seek it either be from friends, family members, fellow bloggers, social media and the world wide web. I also seek new impulses, new experiences is always healthy. Be more curious!

I write. That’s no surprise. Bad stories, good stories – who cares as long as I’m writing, as it offers calmness and clarity. I put my feelings into words. You should try it; express yourself on paper!

I read. It inspires the brain and my outlook on life. Reading fiction can offer a moment of release from my emotions and into someone else’s problem/conflict. An opportunity to escape. I watch a movie. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter. Just like reading it gives me an escape.

And if nothing works – I hang on tight and take it all day by day. For it´s all temporary!
Right?! *sighs*

What do you do to shake yourself out of a bad periode?

Happy Wednesday


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6 thoughts on “When Inspiration & Defeat Go Hand in Hand

  1. shelleywilson72 says:

    A lovely post. I write motivational non-fiction and teen fantasy fiction – I find that when I have a low day I can’t concentrate on my non-fiction work. I fear that my ‘voice’ will echo my mood. I can, however, swing into fantasy mode and write about dragons and faeries for hours – often feeling much lighter by the end. Taking it day by day is sound advice. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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