The Life of Mia – Interruption

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A serie based on the character Mia – the rebellious one.  A single twenty-something woman in search of many things – love not being one of them. Complicated is her middle name.

Saturday morning.

We stand frozen in a predicament. Two rebels. Face to face breaking all the rules. Meanwhile I find myself standing in the depth of emotional mess. In all soberness my heart skips a beat or two at the sight of his beauty. He is outstandingly handsome and robust, very masculine with eyes anchoring my attention. His infamous stare reminding me why I’m here in the first place.

I’m in love. I realize now my emotions are playing tricks on me and once again I’m unprepared.

Anything can happen and go wrong. Mother would be amazed – for once in since forever, I’m lost for words.

Inhaling. Exhaling. The tension is palpable, I can feel it. It’s thick in the air. Silence has filled the room, I’ve never heard it to be so loud. He awaits my answer. Inside I’m grasping for air as I attempt to say something smart and witty to ease the mood. But nothing comes to mind.

I utter, “You’re back.” regretting my choice of words. How I got myself in this mess is still baffling. In my twenty-six years, I should know better.

“Staying for breakfast?” he asks, walking towards the kitchen counter.

He’s alluring as always. By the look of the plastic bag in his hand, he must have stopped by the store after his run. I’m surprised he thought of breakfast. Nonetheless, breakfast with me!

Side by side with his present followed by his surprisingly pleasant scent, I shake my head to reject his proposal.

“I’m sorry.” I mutter, clearing my throat.

The palm of my hands is sweaty. I’m trembling. Unable to think clearly. No reasonable person would stay, I convince myself. However, previous actions state that reason and sensibility has long left me behind. And to my knowledge staying will only muddle the situation furthermore.

“After last night,” he says reaching for my hand. “breakfast is mandatory. And I would love for you to stay.”

“Why?” I ask in curiosity as I take a step back, avoiding not only one but two elephants in the room; the wife-kind and the boss-kind. Yet I can’t deny his heart-stopping words as I fight to keep the awe and excitement off my face. So far it’s working. Letting myself go on board will only be risking it all, settling my curiosity.

He takes one step closer. I freeze in the moment, anticipating his next move. He leans forward brushing his lips against my neck, just below my right ear. He continues in slow motion.

“Nicholas,” I whisper. My voice is weak. I fail to make him stop. Nor did I want him to.

A knock on the door interrupts our near heated moment. I manage my balance holding the edge of the counter as he darts off to answer the door.

I’m shaking my head in disbelief, surprised at my weakness in his present. Get a grip, I snarl. I need to get out of here. I need common sense. I need Irene.

Behind me I hear a woman’s voice but unable to make sense of what she’s saying. “Camilla!” he says, revealing shock in the tone of his voice.

To my dismay and embarrassment, his wife enters the apartment. Her astonished stare at my direction is enough to awake me back to reality.

“Who is this?” she demands, making judgement of the situation.

Before he could answer, I urge “I was just leaving.”

I grab my phone and haste out with Nicholas trailing behind.  

“Mia” he says in a low voice. “We’ll need to talk.”

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