The Life of Mia #2

A serie based on the character Mia – the rebellious one.  A single twenty-something woman in search of many things – love not being one of them. Complicated is her middle name.

#2 – Making A Run For It

steamyroseI’m half naked and locked in the arms of an adonic man. Tall, broad shouldered and over all masculine; his sensual stare mesmerizing, sending me into yet another trance. My arms, gently wrapped around his neck. My legs around his waist as he carries me across the hallway to the bedroom. Our lips are once again rejoiced in passion as tension builds up. His every word letting me know his lust and want for me. His touch dominating every inch of my body.

The sun is beaming through the blinds waking me up from my vivid dream. I’m wrapped in satin sheets in an unfamiliar bed. His bed. Registering in mind that nothing good ever happens on a Friday night, especially when alcohol is involved. Still, I can’t blame it all on alcohol. It’s far more complicated than so.

I can’t think clearly; wrong or right, it’s all blurry at this point. Regret is slowly sneaking up on me as I begin to recall last night’s event in details and realize my mistake at once.

His lips on mine, gently pleasing my every senses. A gentle, soft and blissful mistake.

All signs indicates an error that should be left unmentioned. By now I’m fighting the urge to get up, denying my drowsiness. But as I glance at the four beige colored walls, I make notice that the room has a woman’s touch which jogs my memory that he’s a married man. Well, technically separated.

‘You can “technically” all you want – he’s still married!’ I snap at myself  

Examining at my surroundings furthermore, I notice a handwritten note on the pillow beside me;

“Gone for a run. Make yourself at home. – Nicholas”

Great, this is good news. I can make a run for it. Get out of here before we’re faced with awkward moments and silence. We can avoid explanations, small talk and the pressure of actually finding out ‘what this all means’.

In one steamy night we’ve danced, seduced one another and succumbed to temptations. Today, we can press pause. I want to avoid the “talk” like the plague. I check my phone for any interesting activities. As usual, enough to keep my mind of thing but it’s 9:30 and if I’m fast I can catch the 10 a.m. train

Bare naked, I try to detect my clothes so I can hurry out, surprisingly finding them neatly folded on the chair by the door. Bingo!

Relived I decided to wear jeains last night, I’m amazed at myself for one good judgement.   

Make myself feel at home – in his apartment, probably decorated by his wife with all the shabby chic furnitures, bright color paintings (purple must be her favorite) and carpe diems – ‘yolo’ quotes from left to right. Definitely a woman’s touch.

I’m definitely making a run for it.

He’ll understand. Hell, he’ll probably be relieved to find me gone. His note could just have been a courtesy, a nice gesture to make a girl flee the scene. And I, with the other big factor, can deny the fact that I’ve just slept with my boss. ‘What the f…’

After frantically looking for my shoes, I put on my jacket and scribble down the words on a piece of paper;

“Had to run. Talk later. – Mia”

I leave the note on the kitchen counter and glance at the apartment one last time, saying my last goodbye. I stand in a moment of silence to reminisce as I’m lost in my own thoughts and mixed emotions.

I hear a sound behind me; to see him enter the room was the last thing I expected. His entrance interrupts my thoughts and alarms me back to reality.

“Leaving so soon?” he marvels.


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Photo credit: <a href=”″>Rose</a&gt; via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;




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