A Tribute To My First Poem – ‘Who I Am’

writeIn the aftermath of my first anniversary, I see how time can heal old wounds and how writing can offer self dicovery and tranquility. After going down memory lane, I thought I would pay a tribute to the first poem ever posted on my blog – one year ago:

Who I Am (Originally posted February 25, 2015 – Poetry)




I am a mother and a wife
I am a daughter and a friend
I am a taker but mostly a giver


My bones can break or bend
My heart can hate but mostly love
My wounds can bleed and heal with time
My mind can forget but mainly remember

I can die but first live
I can feel pain and sorrow
but also believe in the happiness of tomorrow
I can lie but also speak the truth
I can cry and laugh through the tears
I can fall and still find the will to get back up
I can learn but also teach

I am fearful yet fearless
I am colorful
I am flesh and blood
I am human

Who are you?


Happy Wednesday, Happy Writing.


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