6 Life Lessons Depression Has Taught Me

Unbroken 2014

Quote from the motion picture – ‘Unbroken’

The state of depression cannot be described only by one word. From experience, it’s a state of multiple emotions and the condition is complex like the human mind and life. When depressed, a person battles several emotions, sending that person in a stream of emotional mess.

Battling The Downswings of Life

It’s been over a year since my first ‘outburst’ – since my rollercoaster of emotions. Depression is no walk in the park but it has surely taught me a lot about who I am and about life.

1. Today’s pain – tomorrow’s strength
Our experiences teaches us a thing or two that we bring with us in our ‘bag of lessons and experiences’. Today’s pain and sorrow prepares us for tomorrow’s battles. Nevertheless, when tomorrow comes, we can assure ourselves with the fact that ‘today’s pain is temporary’.

2. Live in the moment
With depression, my future seemed dark and I kept carrying around a slightly gloomy past. In my case, what seemed like a bright future became all quite unwelcoming. Driven by fear, I couldn’t see nor fathom the whole point of it all. While I was focusing too much on my past and my future, I forgot the most important aspect of life – namely, the present. And the importance of living in the moment – day by day.

3. Gratitude opens doors
Gratitude evokes happiness and enjoyment in the present. Showing gratitude for what you have will open doors and let you discover a more brighter world – brighter days. Gratitude can make a great impact on your daily life. Which it did in my own life. It made me appreciate more of what I had which provided a more happier mind.


Find appreciation and satisfaction in what you have and acknowledge it’s existence.

4. No one is immune to the downswings of life
You’re not alone! The ups and the downs are very much a part of all life. The hard part and difficult times may hurt.You won’t stop crying. You’ll be consumed with despair. However, our downsides teaches us more about the course of life and who we are as individuals.

I learned that we all have our own battles to overcome. My stories and difficulties alone are not what makes me unique – but the lessons and who we are and choose to become. Along the journey we can only hope and strive for the good in life and make smart choices for ourselves.

Life has no formal promises.

5. Failure is inevitable
If you haven’t failed at anything, then you’ve truly haven’t lived. Failure is yet another lesson/experience in disguise. No experience nor knowledge goes wasted in the name of failure.


Failure is a reminder that we’re humans and that it’s a part of life. And the upside is that it can prepare us of what’s to come and what to avoid in the next round.

6. Love and embrace yourself
We are who we are; all of us unique in our own ways – with our strength and flaws. Be who you are with the good and the bad but mostly embrace the good. See the beauty and uniqueness that is you and love yourself. If you don’t love and embrace yourself, how can you expect others to do so? We lead by example; you alone can teach others how to love and respect you.


You rise and conquer by being the best you can be.


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