Blog Anniversary – It’s All About You

newsiteJoin the blogfest on February 26, 2016. Let’s connect – there’ll be virtual drinks (and cake!) all around (will you come then?!). No small talk is required – just fun reads and hopefully new discoveries. This week I’m celebrating the one year anniversary of It all feels like it was yesterday. Nevertheless, the journey continues.

Thank you for being a part of the journey! Your likes, comments and visits are highly appreciated.

For me, blogging is all about sharing and connecting. Sharing thoughts and ideas along with connecting with readers and other bloggers. And with that in mind, I decided that I wanted to connect (more!) and/or reconnect with old ones.

Time runs its course and one does not always have the time to connect as much as one would want to. I’ll try harder, I promise!

However, I said ‘it’s all about you’ and I meant it. Which means exactly that: you and your blog/writing/page ect.

All you have to do is “show up” on Friday and share either a recent blogpost or your entire blogsite on the comment section below (on Friday’s post). Give a short description of what it’s about.

Now, that doesn’t sound so hard, right? I’ll be spending my day-off on Friday writing and moving around in the blogosphere, perhaps connecting with Y-O-U?

See you Friday!

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