My Tears Taste Like Salt


I can’t give up with all to lose for all is in.

I search blind but not finding what I am looking for, while the answers keep playing hide and seek.

Uncovering reasons to stop but finding only fear as a motivation. I spend my energy worrying about the unknown course of life, slowly sending myself to insanity. One by one, my insecurities come to life. Once again I am left with a choice.

I stand clutching to what remains of me whilst slowly loosing grip of what I know to be. As I witness the truth suffering the loss of sincerity, I am afraid of the wickedness of darkness – in daytime, afraid of the emptiness that transpires with solitude.

Lonely as the day passes and empty as the day closes in. All in a wind swirl like motion to nothingness – colliding with anything in its way.

I see the wreckage coming, I am a passenger witnessing a collision. I am weak, I tell myself – believing a lie, inviting the idea that I do not matter.

I am disappearing behind the novelty of life. And right ahead lies a continuous brick dividing me from sanity. I alone can feel the pain and I alone can walk through the arduous journey.

Alas, exhausted from the strenuous task of fighting a battle with a wounded mind as my heart weeps. I stare into nothingness as my eyes become as one with darkness – slowly adapting.

Behind barriers and closed doors; as one with space, I taste my tears – the ocean runs deep in disguise.

photo credit: <a href=”″>Meet you in the dark universe of tears</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;

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