7 Stages You Go Through When Customizing Your Blog


I know little to none about fixing a blog/website and whatnot – ‘new post, add image, preview and publish’ is the level I’m at. So you can imagine the grand task I had in front of me when I decided it would be fun and exciting to change and spice things up a little bit. Let’s just say that I won’t be doing that again any time soon.

Choosing a theme wasn’t a walk in the park either, you would think so but it took me almost 45 minutes to find the ‘right’ theme – the perfect choice. I was being too ambitious and perhaps a stickler for perfection.

Stage 1 – Feeling inspired. No task is too grand, taking the plunge into unfamiliar territory. At this stage things are fun and exciting, ignorant is bliss.

Stage 2 – Frustration is slowly building up. You’re following the steps but you just can’t fathom (or see!) where or what you’re doing wrong. You start over, in case you’ve missed something. Nope! Mind you that at this point you’ve been at it for three (!) hours. You turn to Google and the person closest while the night is still young – but with no luck.

Stage 3 – Giving up is tempting at this point but you can’t ’cause you’re too invested. However, a break is mandatory…

Stage 4 – Revelation. Things start to get detangled but the sad part is that you have no idea how and what you did. But who cares, you’re one step closer.

Stage 5 – A sense of achievement. Hooray, you’re once again one step closer. Soon, you’re able to go to bed – the clock is ticking, showing 2 am, it’s a good thing you have the day off. But you’re too hyped to go to sleep now. You’re so close…

Stage 6 – Exhaustion. You’ve reached a breaking point!

Stage 7 – Relieved! You’re done, the hard part is over. Now, you’re too exhausted to even browse at the finish ‘product’. At this point, you’ve lost interest and find yourself wobbling to bed. Go figure, after investing your time, we’re talking at least 10 hours.

I can say it was a learning experience and that one lesson stood out the most; I’ve got too much free time on my hands. It’s a good thing I got work the rest of the week.

Happy Wednesday.


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