10 Signs of Being An Introvert

kreativlike moi….

Over the years, my introvert self has slowly taken over. And I don’t mind, I embrace it and I accept the fact that it’s very much a part of me. I’m quite, calm and I enjoy solitude and being in my own company more often than others. The last time I checked, I’m still human!

These are signs that I’ve noticed about myself. Maybe you’ll recognize yourself in some of them (or all of them)?

You know you’re an introvert when…

  1. …you enjoy solitude and being in your own company.
  1. …you are reserved. Other might call it ‘shy’. Hey, what do they know?!
  1. …you’re detail oriented. You notice small things that other ‘non-introvert’ perhaps don’t notice. For instant, how a person speaks, hand gestures, body language, the pattern of someone’s shirt (yep, it has happened before).
  1. …you think before speaking or taking action. You think meticulously in your head for what to say (or do), when to say it (the perfect moment/timing) or even how to say it. At times going as far as to plan a simple conversation – jogging down notes, just in case.
  1. …writing comes easier than speaking to others. With writing you’re able to articulate yourself better. Emotions, thoughts or even opinions.
  1. …you take your personal space and time very serious. If someone messes with my personal time, inside I’m thinking evil thoughts about that particular person.
  1. …you enjoy working alone. I have no problem with teamwork but if given a choice there is no denying what I would choose. 
  1. …you listen more than you speak, of course depending who the “speaker” is.
  1. …calm describes you best. I’ve been told there is a calmness about me (probably another word for shy or too quiet). 
  1. …you prefer one-on-one conversations. In groups I tend to observe first and actually wait for my cue. But if I’m uncomfortable, I shut down. 

Are you an introvert? What would you say are your signs/traits as an introvert?


7 thoughts on “10 Signs of Being An Introvert

  1. Sabiscuit says:

    Describes me perfectly. People think I’m loud and outgoing but I have said many times that my home is a temple. No guests are allowed and my phone does not ring if I’m in “off” mode, which is most days. xo

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  2. tahiraalexander says:

    Besides all of the things you’ve listed, I think the biggest trait I have as an introvert is the “recharging period” I have to have after prolonged socializing- especially if it’s with a large group of people that I don’t know very well.

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