When Forgiveness Is Out of Reach

Sorry Is All I Can Give

Sorry Is All I Can Give

I took a step forward only to fall deeper. I crawled as I watched you vanish. My essence crippled as regret reigned, ever shattering hopes of rejoice. I took a second chance with a blinded stare. I explained till the the words became lies. Apologies becoming only words.

No harm was done, only two wounded pride.

Trust is broken. I broke the chain, never to regain it. A mistake that will live on. In the depth of fire our tainted colors emerges. Showing sides never visible. Your colors rapidly blazing as you change a frozen image – word for word.

How naive I was to believe in the possible. In the now, remorse I can express. Sorry is all can give. I will live with my mistakes, empty my heart from hate and anger.  And in the spirit of love, I release you to the past.

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