When Having Too Many Ideas Lurking


What to do with them?

As an aspiring author (and full time writer), I don’t complain about having such a “luxurious” writer’s problem. I know that not every writer experiences this kind a problem, therefore I consider myself lucky in this area. My main problem when it comes to writing is finding the time and having/maintaining good solid structure.

Back to the luxury of having too many ideas lurking…

I’m finding that there is so much I want to write. I have ideas popping up from left to right. Unfortunately there is not enough time to completely bask in the writing world and my own creativity. Now, while I’m aware that all my ideas aren’t exactly groundbreaking but they have the potential to become something (if only I had more time to explore them).

At this moment, the situation is what it is. Until I’m able to make or find the time, I’ve found a system which works.

  1. Invest in a notebook. A writer must write but must also have a notebook, don’t you agree? I have a notebook for blog ideas and another for my novels. I also use my phone as a notebook – writing in weird places.


  1. Make time to explore/organize your ideas. Invest in your ideas, set up an hour or two. Perhaps having a deadline will speed things up? Deadline helps me stay consistent and actually helps getting something down – anything!


  1. Discuss with others. Perhaps about certain topics or ideas. Sometime taking a step back from a list of ideas and a blank page can recharge and spark the mind.


  1. Be bold. Essential as a writer but what I mean is be bold to actually put some ideas to rest for good. But also don’t be afraid to let some of them simmer for a while.


  1. Be aware of ideas burning for attention. It’s best to put out the fire. You have those that won’t leave you to rest or leave your mind. Those that keep popping up over and over. Those with a loud yell. Now focus on those – the sooner the better. All your ideas are on fire, you say?! Well then, go back to number one.

As for me, all is well until my ideas come alive in the middle of the night.

The benefits of having too many ideas is that there is always something to explore (to write?). Big or small – interesting or not. Right now I’m letting my mind/ideas take me wherever it wants me to go. I guess, that’s being a writer?!


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