A Bittersweet Reminder

grievingmotherThe thoughts of a grieving mother.

Who I’ve loved and lost is in the shadow of death. A shadow that fills my body with ache. Leaving me breathless. It shatters a portrait I once remembered as peace, now chaos. My heart, in a broken condition slowly forgets its authentic rhythm as it skips the beats of love.

It shakes the ground I walk on. Awakening emotions that are closed to others. It strikes the core of my being, leaving me motionless. It diminishes life’s unveiled beauties. Whilst making everything I touch less significant.

It closes my eyes – blinding me. In the midst, inviting darkness as it also prepares a clear full sight in a different light.

Death, a sore, bittersweet reminder. I took you for granted. Thinking I would outlive you. It’s all too late. I’ll remember the journey, the laughter with the pain. I will share the wisdom of love.

What we are offered in the hands of life should not be taken for granted. On the learning road, we experience the wrath of life. Here and now – in togetherness – is truly a time that matters.

Although in the mercy of existing, life teaches us its uncertainties. We are not guaranteed eternal happiness nor immortality. What’s given to us today, can simply slip through our fingers as the wind blows and life persists on its course.

A moment is given to cherish. And in moment it all can cease to exist.


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